Goodbye Means Gone

After being beaten within an inch of her life by her Uncle, Sapphire leaves everything behind. A few years later she has made it into the Canadian wilderness. She survives with the help of her friends Reid, Cole, and Thomas. Sapphire thinks she has escaped until she finds out her aunt has died, leaving her baby cousin at the hands of a monster. She heads back with her friends to try to help her cousin. Will she be able to save her in time? Or will her Uncle kill her first?


3. In the Battlefield.

Dear Reid and Cole,

Thomas and I have something we need to take care of. I'm sorry we can't tell you what. If we aren't back within a few weeks, don't look for us. I wanted to tell you that you are the best friends anyone could ask for. We love you. We'll be back when we can.

                                                               -Love, Sapphire and Thomas-

I left the letter on the fridge. Thomas counted the money he was leaving for them. Our bags were packed with some food and clothes. Thomas had a pistol in the waistband of his jeans. Then we headed out into the falling snow. 


Thomas an I have traveled very far in the past few days. I can tell we are almost there. We manged to find the same path we took to leave this place so many years ago. We've been following it for a few hours now. We decided to stop at a cave we found as kids. It has a creek not to far away from it and when you sleep you can hear the water rushing across the mountain.

I put my binder down, and looked up in time to see Thomas coming through the entrance.

"Well. We should get some sleep.", he said. I nodded in agreement.

He lay down on the blanket I'd been sitting on. I scooted over to give him more room. He let me put my head on his chest to sleep. He smelled like pine trees. I fell asleep quickly.

I woke up later that night in a cold sweat. I ran outside and sat by the water, and shoved my bare feet into the freezing water. Thomas heard my sobbing and put his arms around me.

"What's wrong?"

"I-I guess being back here is just messing with my head.", I sobbed into his shoulder.

"It's ok. I'm right here.", he said.

"I don't think I'm ready for this. What if something happens?"

"Then we'll stand side by side on the battlefield. We have to do this Sapphire.", he told me. I trusted him and I fell asleep again.



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