Goodbye Means Gone

After being beaten within an inch of her life by her Uncle, Sapphire leaves everything behind. A few years later she has made it into the Canadian wilderness. She survives with the help of her friends Reid, Cole, and Thomas. Sapphire thinks she has escaped until she finds out her aunt has died, leaving her baby cousin at the hands of a monster. She heads back with her friends to try to help her cousin. Will she be able to save her in time? Or will her Uncle kill her first?


4. Forever.

Today is the day. The day I rescue my cousin. I honestly don't know what to expect, but I trust Thomas with my life. He stayed up all night last night after my break down and came up with a plan. I know that no matter what happens my cousin will be safe. I have to tell Thomas. He won't be happy about it, but it has to be this way.

I finished writing and put my binder away. I'd decided to leave it in a place in the wall. It was a crack just big enough to hold it. I placed a stone over it and grabbed the pistol from beside Thomas' bag. I went outside to find him.

He was standing ankle deep in the water. He had a wet shirt in his hand. He was using it to wet his hair. 

"Thomas? Can I talk to you?", I asked.

"Always.", he responded.

"No matter what happens today...I want you to make sure my cousin escapes unharmed."

He stared at me for a while. He walked over to me and placed his hand against my cheek, his thumb trailing across my cheekbone. He took his other hand and put it on my back, pulling me closer to him.

"I don't know if I can do that...", he said.

"I need you to. Please, for me?"

"I guess your not giving me another option."


"I can only promise you that if you promise me something in return."


"That if we suceed, you will marry me." He pulled out a small, yet beautiful ring. I gasped.

"Will you, Sapphire Rain Rosswell, marry me?", he asked again.

"Yes. Yes! Of course!"

He smiled and kissed me. As we headed to Uncle's house I held onto that kiss, the look of his handsome features, and all the things we left behind, because for a moment I was terrified that I would never see anything again.


I was standing on the front porch, lost in the memories of my haunted time spent here. Uncle opened the door and said in his deep tone,

"Welcome home."

"I can't say I'm happy to be back."

"Good.", he sneered and motioned for me to come inside. I stepped over the threshold and saw a small crib sitting in the corner. I walked over and placed my hands on the rough wood. A tiny baby was asleep inside. She was dirty and very small to be as old as she was supposed to be.

"She's beautiful isn't she? Her name is Ruby. Ruby Dianna Rosswell. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?", Uncle said.

"I did as you asked. Now let her go."

"Fine. She was boring anyway. Stupid thing is useless. It can't even feed itself."

I took her outside and gave her to Thomas. Uncle stood at the door with a gun in hand. Now was our chance.

"Run.", I whispered to Thomas.

He took off sprinting across the yard. I ran after him firing the pistol at Uncle's head. He ducked and fired a few shots back. One hit me in the shoulder, but I kept running.

We managed to lose him once we were deep in the trees. Thomas and I were used to the terrain, but Uncle wasn't. We didn't stop for miles. When we did stop we only stayed for a short while. We had no sleep for a few days, but we made it home in shorter time than it took us to get Ruby.


Reid and Cole greeted us happily and took Ruby out of our care so we could rest. 

I had treated my wound, but it seemed to be getting worse. I couldn't think straight and I had a burning sensation throughout my entire body. I passed out in the living room and when I woke up I was in a hospital gown. 

A nurse came in, closely followed by Thomas, Reid, Cole, and Ruby. Thomas sat beside me holding my hand. Reid and Cole stood in the corner of the room and Ruby was in my arms. 

The nurse scribbled on her clipboard and then closed the curtain around my bed. She started talking.

"Miss Sapphire, I am truly sorry, but I have some bad are dying."

Thomas was hiccuping and Reid and Cole were trying not to cry. 

"I-I don't understand. I got shot in the shoulder...not anywhere important...", I said.

"There was a chemical in the bullet. When it hit you the chemical was released into your body. We are trying to find out what it is, but it is killing you faster than we can do anything."

"It's all my fault..." Thomas whispered.

I motioned for everyone to leave. When only Thomas, Ruby, and I were left I spoke.

"When is our wedding?" Thomas looked at me.

"Now if that's what you want."

"Now sounds perfect.", I said.

Thomas and I were wed in my hospital room. When it was over I asked Thomas to adopt Ruby. He said he would. 

My friends, husband, and Ruby gathered around me in my final hours. I told them I love them and left them. Forever.

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