Truth or Dare: 5SOS Edition

Truth or Dare...


1. Kidnapped

Paul: *throws 5SOS into basement*


Nj: Thanks Paul!!!

Paul: No problemo *leaves*

Luke: Nj? What are you doing? When Niall finds out about this, you're gonna be in sooo much trouble!!!

Nj: No I won't. Niall let me do this.

Calum: What exactly are you doing?

Nj: I basically just kidnapped you.

Ashton: WAIT WHAT!? WHY!?

Nj: Eh, got bored. I thought it'd be a good idea to play truth or dare, ya know?

Luke: That didn't mean you had to kidnap us!!!

Nj: I thought it would be more amusing!!! And it is!! You're faces were hilarious when I said I basically kidnapped you. *laughs*

Michael: To be completely honest right now, this is kind of amusing.

Nj: See? That's the spirit Mikey!!! Just for that, you get Nando's!!! *snaps her fingers*

*Nando's magically appear*

Calum: How did you...?

Nj: I'M MAGICAL!!! Buuut anyways, we're here to play Truth or Dare. But I'm gonna go for now.

Ashton: Wait what? I thought we were playing truth or dare?

Nj: We are.

Ashton: Then why are you leaving?

Nj: Because we don't have any truths or dares!!!!

Ashton: Why don't we just make them up ourselves!?

Nj: Ash, that's the readers jobs'.

Calum: Readers...?

Nj: Just....bye. *leaves*

Calum: Well that was weird.

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