Rosario Vampire X-2

Kokoa Shuzen goes on a search for her friend Victor Eii, who has went missing ever since the female vampire Elizabeth Alucard killed his close friend Yukari. Along the way she must battle the organization Insomnia, who are stopping at nothing to capture the princess of Lunea.


2. The Deal

The two redheads walked over to a run down hotel and made their way to the top floor using the elevator. Once they got inside his room the Samurai produced some documents. "I was told you were looking for information on a guy named...Victory?" he asked curiously.

"Victor Eii" Kokoa corrected, it was common for Victor and his friends to correct people about the sound of his name as his last name was pronounced the same as the letter E.

"Ah...odd name..but anyway, I don't know him or his whereabouts are, but I've heard his name thrown around by some members of an organisation named Insomnia" the Samurai stated. "He might have a connection with their activities".

"'s a starting point I guess...thanks.." Kokoa said looking at the man curiously. "Don't think I caught a name..."

The Samurai chuckled for a moment. "Renji...and yours is?" he asked back with a smirk.

"Suppose fair's fair..Kokoa Shuzen" the female vampire responded back, causing Renji to smirk once more.

"Speaking of which, now I've provided you with that information I'd like a little..favour as payment.."

"Oh? and what would that be?" Kokoa asked. Renji took the documents and shuffled through them, taking a picture of a masked man wearing a cowboy hat and a black trenchcoat.

"I want your assistance tracking this man down" he said glaring at the picture then over to Kokoa. "I can see in your eyes that your hesitant about this...well if it helps he's a known mercenary who works for Insomnia.."

At that moment Kokoa began to think about what to do next. as she was in deep thought Kou spoke up. "Miss Kokoa...this might get you closer to that organisation and help get answers on Victor's location.." 

Kokoa thought about this then turned to Renji. "I'm in, where do we start?"










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