Rosario Vampire X-2

Kokoa Shuzen goes on a search for her friend Victor Eii, who has went missing ever since the female vampire Elizabeth Alucard killed his close friend Yukari. Along the way she must battle the organization Insomnia, who are stopping at nothing to capture the princess of Lunea.


1. The Beginning

"Exactly one year ago today...we lost a great friend in Yukari.." Kokoa thought to herself solemnly. She also thought of the young witch's private funeral she had attended along with Yukari's other friends, Moka, Mizore, Kurumu, Tskune and Victor.  Victor was especially close to her, almost as close as a brother by that point. After the funeral Victor mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

"I'll find him" Kokoa declared to her sister, who, along with the rest of the Newspaper Club had been discussing what to do, being refused to be allowed to search for him by the headmaster. "I'll sneak out of here and drag him back here in no time flat big sister, just leave it to me!". Although Moka had sternly ordered her not to, Kokoa had snuck out anyway, she didn't know why, but she felt that she needed to bring Victor home safely, knowing him for a while she had felt a little close to him by this point, she reasoned maybe that was why. The usually nice and quick witted Victor had not been the same guy she knew at the funeral, she couldn't explain but he had seemed somewhat bitter, depressed and angry over Yukari's death, he seemed to have felt responsible for not protecting her.

A year later Kokoa was in the city of Lunea, a fairly small city on the somewhat unknown island with the same name. She had been told of this location by a man she had talked to in a bar, she had travelled all over Japan to gain information on Victor's whereabouts, a young man wearing a surgeon's mask and long black hair had pointed her to this Island, and had also been warned that a large cult known as Insomnia was running rampant. 

"Well Kou...we're finally here..Victor will soon be on the boat back to Japan in no time, just like I said!"

"Well miss said that a year ago..and we still don't know Victor's precise location, not to mention we need to find a place to stay for a while.." the bat on her shoulder named Kou stated dryly.

"A place to stay? I can help with that..." A young man with long red hair and the attire of a samurai said as he approached them...

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