Rosario Vampire X-2

Kokoa Shuzen goes on a search for her friend Victor Eii, who has went missing ever since the female vampire Elizabeth Alucard killed his close friend Yukari. Along the way she must battle the organization Insomnia, who are stopping at nothing to capture the princess of Lunea.


4. The Almighty's command

Disclaimer: The characters seen in this chapter and future chapters; Rason and Gabriel are owned by LordDaemon785, author of Rosario Vampire Brightest Darkness. Check out his various stories on his fanfiction account :D

It was an odd atmosphere in the Afterlife, more and more concerning activities seemed to be happening on Earth, The Creator was worried, the King of Lunea had been killed, which wasn't part of her plan. So concerned about these events, she summoned her order of Angels. These Angels were the highest ranking in all of the Afterlife. Rason, the Head Angel of Monster affairs, was, as his title probably gave away, the angel in charge of looking after monsters moving on to the Afterlife. Gabriel had a similar role with humans, being the Head Angel of Human affairs. The leader of the trio, Arc Angel Michael had led the Creator's army into a successful battle against hell's forces and banished Lucifer after defeating him in a sword fight. He was the leader of Heaven's army and second highest ranking in the Afterlife, just below the Creator herself. The three angels marched into the room the Creator had asked them to meet her. 

"Welcome....I believe you three probably already know the issue we are here to discuss..." she said brushing her green hair back.

Michael nodded. "The activities of the experimental island Lunea right?" he asked tilting his head.

The creator also nodded. "There has been a few deaths that were not planned on that Island..I'm starting to fear this isn't pure chance.."

" think this could be planned by someone?" Gabriel asked.

"Seems to be what she's saying...though the question is...who would plan something like this?" Rason said.

"Well..we know that the Plague Doctor has definately had a hand in all of this...I still think we should get involved and put a stop to him ourselves" Gabriel stated.

Rason looked at him with a sympathetic face before responding. "You know we can't buddy, we can't directly intervene in mortal affairs unless it is really urgent, and right now, it doesn't seem to have reached that level yet"

Gabriel looked at the others in the room. "So what...we do nothing? We simply let the maniac run around and do what he pleases when we don't even know who it is?" 

"Pretty much...that's not our only concern, remember we also need to find some trace of Victor Eii, considering he's disappeared from our database and has vanished without a trace..." Michael stated with a somewhat bored expression.

The Creator looked at all three angels then to the floor, in deep thought for a few moments before speaking. "There's a female vampire and someone else that seems to be looking for him...this is most convenient for us in that case...considering their using the Plague Doctor's organisation as a stepping could be two birds with one stone...for this reason I'm asking that you three help them out as much as you can..." 

All three Angels bowed and left the Creator's room, and prepared themselves.


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