Rosario Vampire X-2

Kokoa Shuzen goes on a search for her friend Victor Eii, who has went missing ever since the female vampire Elizabeth Alucard killed his close friend Yukari. Along the way she must battle the organization Insomnia, who are stopping at nothing to capture the princess of Lunea.


3. Insomnia

*Insomnia H.Q. location unknown*

A masked man wearing a trench coat and cowboy hat walked through the halls of the H.Q on his way to meet his employer. The man had returned from his assignment of eliminating the king of Lunea.

"Well that was boring, kinda reminded me of a scene out of macbeth or something..smothering a king with a pillow..then again stealthy missions always bore me...god what I'd give to have a mission like that werewolf village massacre..ah the memories.." he muttered before arriving at the room he was meeting his employer in. The doors opened revealing a barren room with some monitors on the walls and barely any other light in the room. A man wearing what appeared to be a modified plague doctor outfit with the familiar mask to match stepped out of the darkness.

He spoke with a somewhat raspy voice that was almost like a whisper. "The job is...done?" he asked before letting out a cough.

"Yes sir, the King longer breathing, his daughter might as well be queen now" The man responded. This news caused the Plague Doctor to chuckle.

"Excellent...then the next phase of our plan can proceed.." The Plague Doctor sat down on an arm chair and fished out some notes, to which the man took and counted.

"Good stuff..seems like I can count on you for a solid paycheck Mr. Plague Doctor" he chuckled.

"And it seems I'm able to rely on you to do anything I need you to Mr. Rampuri..." The Plauge Doctor and Rampuri chuckled and went their seperate ways after this, with the Plague Doctor planning his next move whilst Rampuri prepared for whatever assignment was next.

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