Rosario Vampire X-2

Kokoa Shuzen goes on a search for her friend Victor Eii, who has went missing ever since the female vampire Elizabeth Alucard killed his close friend Yukari. Along the way she must battle the organization Insomnia, who are stopping at nothing to capture the princess of Lunea.


5. Calm before the Storm

" going after a masked man working for an organization who is running amok on this Island as part of my quest to find my friend who has went missing entirely..HOW DID THAT LEAD TO US PURSUING A PIRATE?!!" Kokoa yelled.

"Because he is also in cahoots with Insomnia and I know someone who can get us to him so we can get more information." Renji calmly stated whilst looking around the Docks that they had walked into. The two red-heads approached a ship that Renji claimed was belonging to the person they were meeting with.

"There she is...right on time..." Renji walked up and started talking to the female pirate who had her back turned, when she turned around Kokoa gasped in shock and horror, before quickly regaining her senses and running up the Pirate, transforming Kou into a sword and swung at her, though the Pirate easily caught the attack. Familiar, Red Piercing eyes glancing at Kokoa before pushing her away and took off her hat, revealing silver hair that was recently shortened. Kokoa growled at the familiar person in front of her.

"What are you doing here Elizabeth?!"

"Funny, I was going to ask you the same question, followed by why did I get a sword with a face on it swung at me?" Elizabeth smirked whilst asking.

"Ladies calm down....aye aye aye..." Renji rubbed the back of his head while looking at the two female vampires. "Look Kokoa, she's our best shot at getting to Insomnia, whether you like it or not".

"Tch, fine, but your damn right I don't like this.." Kokoa growled, causing Renji to roll his eyes and Elizabeth to sigh.

"I came to Lunea to get away from everything connected with the incident at Youkai, you really think I'm happy to see you either?" Elizabeth growled and looked at Renji. "If you're wanting me to take you on my ship to pursue Saltwater, best time is now" she stated before walking off to check on her ship.

"Saltwater?" Kokoa tilted her head. "That's the captain we're after?"

Renji glanced at her then to a report he had on him. "Yeah, it is. Rumors are he was once a normal human back in the 1500's..however upon discovering Pandora's box..well apparently he wished for a way to live longer and be better in she turned him into a Crocodile..." he stated reading from his report, then looked at Elizabeth and the ship before finally looking at the sun...


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