Do you ever just see a beautiful stranger? Not just a stranger that looks nice, but a really beautiful stranger who just captures you with the way they look and the way they act and makes you think about them at 2 am. A beautiful stranger that leaves you wonder struck and makes you somehow want to see them again and be with them forever yet at the same time, make you want to stay away from them so they remain this mysterious beautiful person that's in the world that would never hurt you.
I should have gone with the latter.


69. 69

Rosy's point of view

I get into Ethan's car the next morning and kiss him quickly. 

"Hey." he smiles, starting the car. 

"Hey." I smile. 

We're silent for the rest of the car ride. We're both pretending that it's a nice comfortable silence but it's not. I was scared that this would happen. Obviously most couples know that they aren't going to last forever but when you admit it to each other, when you literally tell each other that you only have so much time left with each other, it does something.

"See you later." he smiles kissing my cheek when we get to school.

"See you." I smile and go into school and worry about it all day. Have we just ruined ourselves?


Ethan's point of view

We are so off with each other it's awkward. We always thought it was the best thing to be honest with each other but I don't know if that's true this time. I hope it just wears off. I go home and have a bath before I have to go to class. I just stare at that stupid tattoo. I realise now it was a mistake and I guess I'm just going to have to get it removed but I'm not doing that until it really ends. I'm also trying not to think about it all ending as a specific date. I'm very good at just going with things and seeing how they work out but Rosy isn't. I think it's going to take a little bit of time for us to get past that thought. 

I pick her up from school later on in the day. She smiles the same smile she did this morning but I kiss her properly this time.

She sighs and then kisses me again, seeming relieved that we've acknowledged the fact that things are awkward. I'm relieved about that. I'm so relieved that honesty really is the best policy with us. 

"What are we gonna do?" she asks, leaning against me as I start to drive.

"Just pretend that we will be together forever." I shrug. "Let's just go with it."

She nods. "We'll be okay."

I grin. I love when she says that and I was pretty scared that we'd have to stop saying it. 

"We will." 

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