Do you ever just see a beautiful stranger? Not just a stranger that looks nice, but a really beautiful stranger who just captures you with the way they look and the way they act and makes you think about them at 2 am. A beautiful stranger that leaves you wonder struck and makes you somehow want to see them again and be with them forever yet at the same time, make you want to stay away from them so they remain this mysterious beautiful person that's in the world that would never hurt you.
I should have gone with the latter.


67. 67

Rosy's point of view

"Hey." Ethan calls the next morning while I'm getting ready for school. 

"Don't talk to me." I say, trying desperately to get my eyeliner even. 

He hesitates. "Did I do something?" 

"I'm trying to do my makeup."

He laughs. "Okay, well, just calling to say hi. I guess I'll just go."

I laugh too. "Don't go. Hi."

"Hi." he says, sounding happy.

"I'm actually glad you called." I tell him, kissing my parents on the cheek as I leave the house to go and meet Nicole. "I was thinking we could go to town this weekend, I need to pick up a few things and I don't wanna go by myself. We could grab something to eat or something as well."

"Sure. What day?" 


He pauses. "Umm, I can't on Saturday."

I frown. "Okay. How come?" 

"I'm just busy." 

"Alright then. I'll text you later or something."

I hang up the phone angrily and Nicole frowns at me. 

"What's up?" she asks.

"He's busy." I sigh harshly. 

She laughs. "Oh. Call 999, your boyfriend is busy!"

"Shut up." I push her playfully. "He won't even tell me what he's doing."

"Oh relax, Rose. This is the first time there's even the slightest possibility that your boyfriend is up to something and let's face it. It's Ethan. He's probably just going to visit his grandma or something."

I try to take her word for it. 

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