Do you ever just see a beautiful stranger? Not just a stranger that looks nice, but a really beautiful stranger who just captures you with the way they look and the way they act and makes you think about them at 2 am. A beautiful stranger that leaves you wonder struck and makes you somehow want to see them again and be with them forever yet at the same time, make you want to stay away from them so they remain this mysterious beautiful person that's in the world that would never hurt you.
I should have gone with the latter.


61. 61

Rosy's point of view

I was hoping to actually feel better by Friday but if anything, I feel so much worse. I do not want to go to some party where I know I will see Ethan. I don't want to go to any party at all. We're getting ready at Nicole's house. Nicole looks amazing as always and she stands before me, doing my makeup. 

"So if you see Ethan, you grab the nearest guy and jump his bones." she instructs.

I look at her, horrified. "I'm fine with going and making him think I'm doing great without him but I am not doing that. That's harsh."

She shrugs. "Your choice. Just saying, it's a good idea. Now, put this on."

She passes me one of her dresses and I stare at it. "Where's the fabric?" I ask her.

She tuts, shaking her head. "You're going to look hot, just put it on."

I do and I see what she means in the least vain way possible. The chest and sleeve areas are made out of black lace and the rest is made out of normal fabric. It's very short and tight and black but it doesn't look trashy even with the heels she gives me. I just look like I'm going to drive Ethan mad which I know is wrong of me, but I'm mad at him.

We get to the party which is just on the entire fifth floor of the dorm building. It's thudding music, spilling alcohol, and wild students everywhere and I have to admit, it is exciting. Nobody is playing by any rules here and I like that. I don't see Ethan anywhere for a while and I'm left to awkwardly stand on my own while Nicole goes to find Adam. 

"Hey!" a guy shouts over the music. He's really tall with longish brown hair and brown eyes. He's quite good looking and he doesn't really seem dodgy or anything but I don't want to talk to him very much.

"Hey!" I shout back, crossing my arms.

He shouts something back but I can't hear him at all. "What?" I shout.

He laughs and leans in to talk in my ear. "I haven't seen you around!" he pulls away straight afterwards to show he's not just being weird. 

"I don't go here." I say back. 

Nicole rushes over to me and points over to a corner of the room we're in. Ethan's there making out with some girl. My heart falls to the ground and smashes into a thousand pieces. I know we had a fight and I know we're not exactly together, but I didn't really think we'd broken up. I thought we were just having time apart again, like the last time. I didn't think we were at the stage where we were so apart that we would kiss other people. 

I look at the guy who was talking to me and he looks a bit confused. Suddenly, every bit of anger and resent builds up inside me and I turn to him, smiling. 

"What's your name?" I shout.

He grins. "My name's Josh!" 

"I'm Rose!" 

Josh grabs my waist and pulls me to him in one swift motion, smiling. "Hi Rose."

I lean in closer and kiss him. It's not the kind of kiss I'd usually have, it's not the kind of kiss I enjoy and I don't feel a thing for Josh, however fun it kind of is. But I can almost feel Ethan look over and notice and get angry and that's exactly what I wanted. I pull away from Josh just in time to see Ethan storm out of the room, red in the face. I can't help but smile a little. 


Ethan's point of view

"She's a complete bitch!" I yell, storming into Adam's room. Him and Nicole are sat there talking, having a few drinks and they both stare at me.

"Who is?" Adam asks. 

"Rosy!" I exclaim. "She's a complete and utter bitch! She's just out there, making out with some random guy!"

Nicole frowns. "Like you were making out with some random girl?" 

I groan, frustrated. "That doesn't make it okay for her to do it! I was doing it because I was mad and I was trying to forget her. She did it because she was being a jealous little bitch and wanted to hurt me!"

"She wanted to hurt you because you hurt her!" Nicole exclaims.

"She's just being immature." I say, decisively. "I'm not going to fall for her stupid little games."

Nicole laughs as if I'm stupid. "Sorry to break it to you, but you're doing that right now. She came here tonight to show you and herself that she could have a good time with you and right now, she's probably out there with that guy having the time of her life because she can do that whether you're there or not. You? You lost her and now you're just some jealous, sad, angry mess. I bet you won't even admit to yourself that you're only this mad because you care about her and you don't want her to do anything stupid.Ethan, you can't even keep yourself together without her so think about that next time you try to hurt her."

She shoves past me, slamming the door behind her. Adam raises his eyebrows at me, obviously agreeing with Nicole. I don't want to think about what she said because I know she's right so I just put it to the back of my mind.


Rosy's point of view

I sigh happily as I flop down on my bed that night. Nicole stayed over at Adam's but I don't really mind. I'm quite happy to just lie here and think about everything. It was fun and exciting to kiss a random guy at a university party but the part I'm most happy about is pissing Ethan off. That's mean and a little evil, but I can't help feel a bit smug and a bit annoyed at the same time. I'm annoyed that he was angry at me kissing somebody when he was kissing a girl but I'm smug because I got to him which he was probably trying to stop from happening. 


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