Do you ever just see a beautiful stranger? Not just a stranger that looks nice, but a really beautiful stranger who just captures you with the way they look and the way they act and makes you think about them at 2 am. A beautiful stranger that leaves you wonder struck and makes you somehow want to see them again and be with them forever yet at the same time, make you want to stay away from them so they remain this mysterious beautiful person that's in the world that would never hurt you.
I should have gone with the latter.


49. 49

Rosy's point of view

I feel happier. I still miss Ethan not being here but I like knowing that we're okay. I like knowing that the only reason we're not living together and seeing each other a lot right now is because that means we won't mess things up again. I get a text from him while Nicole is visiting the flat after school one day. 

Afternoon. Want to go to dinner tonight? x 

I smile. 

We're back to just dating again now? x

He replies:

No, but you know the situation. I don't want to just not see you, let's go on a date! I have a very nice place that we can go x

I reply:

I don't like really fancy dinners and stuff. Thank you though x

He replies:

Oh come on, Rosy. You know we're not going to take this seriously. We just get to dress up all night and take the mick out of snobs by acting like snobs ourselves. x

I grin to myself and reply:

Okay. I'm with you now, I understand. Okay, that'll be fun x

Nicole winks at me and I laugh, replying:

But Nicole's here x

She reads the text over my shoulder and her face drops. "Dude, I'll leave, I don't care. I'll come round after school again tomorrow. After getting you ready."

He replies:

Tomorrow? x

I reply:

Nicole's leaving x

He replies: 

I'll pick you up at eight then. x

Nicole does my hair and makeup all fancy and tells me to stay exactly where I am while she runs back to her house and grabs a dress for me. It only takes her 30 minutes which is a bit crazy seeing as that's just a bit slower than in a car. She's a mess now but she doesn't care, she just shoves me into the bathroom to put on the dress and shoes. It's a nice dress. It's a pale pink, floaty material and it goes down to above my knees. Nicole put me in these high (and I mean high), white heels that I can miraculously walk in. She's pinned my hair up into a loose bun with little curly strands coming down here and there and my makeup looks nice. I look fresh and pretty and however much we're only going to have a bit of fun and make fun of any mean snobs (there will be nice ones there too that we won't be mean about) and to make fun of ourselves for being so unlike them, I like that I think I look nice because we are going to spend time with each other. 

He knocks at the door at five minutes past eight. Nicole stands in the kitchen, acting like she's not watching how he reacts when really, she is. I'm like her little masterpiece right now. I notice her smile proudly to herself when he says I look beautiful. 

"Be back by midnight." she winks. She's staying the night which I'm pretty excited about however casual it may bit.

"I'll bring her back when I see fit." Ethan jokes.

We walk into the restaurant together and it's exactly what we were expecting. We both stifle laughter as we're shown to our table and immediately hear people complaining about "the help" they have in their mansions. 

"So yes." Ethan leans forward, putting on a fake posh, deep voice. "I told poor Amelia that if she wasn't going to clean the entire house head to toe, every single day, then she just wasn't enough. She was groveling- oh how she groveled. But I just had to let her go!"

I laugh a fake posh laugh. "Oh my! Well, you were in the right there Sebastian! You paid her to do the work, she should get the work done!"

"I know, Priscilla, I agree completely!" we both laugh quietly for a moment.

"Priscilla?" I mouth to him.

He shrugs. "I have no idea!" he puts his posh voice back on. "She was complaining about how she shouldn't be working if she's injuring herself, whining about how she is however many months pregnant! Pathetic! Back in my grandfather's days, she would have been in a mine!"

"Oh!" I yelp out. "Absolutely!" 

We end up laughing so hard at ourselves after a while and we have to leave before we even eat anything. We walk into a park, the kind that has lots of trees and grass and flowers. It's really dark and there's nobody really around. I take my shoes off and just walk around barefoot. As we walk, Ethan has one arm around my waist and I have both arms wrapped around his which makes walking kind of difficult but we don't care.

"We're hilarious." Ethan laughs. "We're actually comedy legends."

"Yeah we are." I laugh too, leaning my head against him. "God, I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." he sighs. "But we've just gotta remember that this is for the best. We'll be back seeing each other all the time again soon."

"E? Can I tell you something?" 


"I'm starting to think I can't go back to my family."

"That's fine. You can stay with me."

"Yeah, I know that, but-"

"Oh." his face drops as we stop walking. "I'm sorry. I was just thinking about myself then-"

I laugh gently. "E, it's okay."

"Tell me about it." he says, lying his jacket down on the grass for the two of us to sit on. "Tell me what you're thinking."

There isn't really room on the jacket for both of us so he pulls me onto his lap. It must be a weird sight, the two of us just sat in the park late at night, me on his lap. 

"I'm thinking that I'm scared." I tell him. "I went to my family's the other week when we fell out and they wouldn't let me in. My mum told me that we needed time to cool down still but I think that's just an excuse so that she doesn't have to admit that her fifteen year old daughter has moved out and won't be making up with her dad any time soon."

Ethan sighs. "Rosy, I can't tell you what's going to happen. But you and I are different to you and your dad. You were going to start arguing with him at some point anyway, you're fifteen. But something big happened and you're not talking right now. It will pass eventually, but it's going to take time. More time than it took for you and I to start resolving things. Just think, what's an excuse to go and see them and have a talk with him?" 

I think. "It's Rain's birthday next week. He'll be having a party. I'll call my mum and see if I can go."

"And if she says no, you go anyway." he smiles. "It's all going to be okay, you know that?" 

I nod. "I know that." I laugh. "Sorry to put a downer on the romantic evening."

He smiles that indulgent smile. "Nobody said you'd put a downer on things."

He shifts my weight and I move so that I'm facing him properly. He tilts his head back a little and kisses me. I realise how long it's been since he kissed me last so I kiss him harder. 

"Rosy," he murmurs before kissing me again. "Not that I'm assuming you have those intentions-"

"I have every one of those intentions." I murmur.

"I figured. But here?" 

I pull away and stare at him, shocked. "No!"

He laughs. "Good!"

"So you're going with this?" I rest my forehead against his. 

He smiles and kisses my neck, sending chills down my spine. He then leans his forehead against mine again, still smiling at me.

"Absolutely not." 

"You said-"

"I know what I said!" he says and I can tell he's stifling laughter. "And I am going to stop being so protective for no reason when we know that we're ready."

"Do you not feel ready? I feel ready."

"I feel ready too." he nods. "Just, it wouldn't really work with the whole 'lets stay away from each other for a couple of weeks' thing."

I laugh, defeated. "I know. You're right."

"Of course I'm right!" he winks. 

We stay there talking for a while longer before it gets too cold and then we sit in his car instead. After a while, it really does get a bit too late to still be out so he drives me home and walks me to the door which is a bit strange because it's his flat, technically. He smiles down at me.

"I had the best time with you tonight." he takes my hands in his. "Really. The best time."

I feel myself glowing with happiness. "I also had the best time with you. Do you have to live in the dorms for two weeks? Can't you come back sooner?" 

He nods. "I'd like that."

I smile and then link my hands behind his neck. "You could come in now as well. Not to do anything like that, y'know, just to be together for more time."

He kisses my cheek for a long time. "I'd love to, but I don't trust myself enough. Rosy, you won't mean to but you will tempt me and we both know that's not good for us."

"Well." I raise my eyebrows, keeping the mood light. "I'm flattered. Even though Nicole's in there so we wouldn't even be able to."

He chuckles, kissing me softly. "Night, Rosy."

"Night, E."

He wanders off and I just stand outside for a moment, enjoying the peaceful happiness before I go in and act all girly with Nicole about it. All of a sudden, I hear fast footsteps and Ethan is running up the hallway again. Before I can even react, he just kisses me strongly, my face between his hands. I hold onto him tightly but it's over quickly. He grins at me. 

"Sorry. I had to."

"That's perfectly okay."

"I love you."

"I love you."

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