Do you ever just see a beautiful stranger? Not just a stranger that looks nice, but a really beautiful stranger who just captures you with the way they look and the way they act and makes you think about them at 2 am. A beautiful stranger that leaves you wonder struck and makes you somehow want to see them again and be with them forever yet at the same time, make you want to stay away from them so they remain this mysterious beautiful person that's in the world that would never hurt you.
I should have gone with the latter.


13. 13

Rose's point of view

Adam and Nicole go home after a while. Whether they went to their separate homes, or to each other's, that's a different question that I'll find out the answer to tonight on Facebook I suppose. I'm glad that Ethan and I are alone together. I am also scared that we are moving very very fast and I'm scared that he's not scared but I decide to worry about that later.

"Hey." I say smiling, turning to face him properly. 

"Hello Rosy Posy, it's nice to see you." he says sarcastically and then chuckles. "We're alone together."

"We are." I say, already ahead of him and leaning in. 

He smiles this indulgent smile that is hard to explain but is really something. "I like where this is going."

"Mhm." I murmur and my lips touch his. 

'This is moving very very fast' I think to myself. Apparently he's just thinking 'I am going to kiss her more' and I don't mind. 'Worry about that later. Only worry about it when something goes wrong' I tell myself and think about how this feels instead. We sort of pull away from each other for split seconds and if I'm the first one to kiss him again I feel honoured to have something so beautiful and if he kisses me first I feel honoured that he wants to kiss me. He tastes like mint deep beneath the taste of sour sweets and cola and he smells like something I can't describe. He feels warm, like he's been asleep for hours but it's even better because I know he feels that way because he's been sat here with me all day. Me. Nobody else. One hand feels strong on the small of my back and the other feels soft on my cheek. He is every kind of beautiful that I will never be.


Ethan's point of view

I love it when I kiss her first but I love it more when she kisses me first. She tastes like sherbert and mixed berries juice and she smells like summer. She feels like she just woke up, all warm and she's letting any tension go, leaning further into me. I let her, appreciating the fact that she's here with me. Me. Nobody else. Both hands feel soft in my hair and feel softer when they're on my face. She pulls away sometimes just for a split second and she sighs, making the smallest and sweetest sound that makes me feel weak before she kisses me again. She is every kind of beautiful that I want to be.


Rose's point of view. 

"My phone's ringing." I murmur against his lips. His arms fully wrap around my waist and he carries on kissing me. I begin to wonder how we'll ever stop. "Ethan, I need to answer it."

He sighs, making the smallest and sweetest sounds that makes me so weak I question whether I'll be able to stand up to get the phone. I manage it and breathe properly before speaking into the receiver. 

"Hey mum." I say. 

"Hey Rose, sweetheart." she says happily. "We just got done at the garden centre, we're on our way home now. Your dad and I are going over to the neighbours' house later on, can you watch the kids please?" 

"Of course." I say, aware that I probably sound weird. I'm still in a world of my own- or a world that belongs to just Ethan and I. A world that we're together in, alone. 

"If you have plans then it's okay, we can take them with us." she says. I can imagine her biting her lip nervously. She doesn't like to dump the kids on me but it's really not a problem. 

"Mum, it's fine, I like watching them." I promise.

"Thanks sweetie. We'll be back in half an hour."

I hang up the phone and hold my hands out to Ethan, going to pull him up off of the beanbag but he pulls me down instead, chuckling. He leans in but I place a finger over his lips. 

"My family is going to be back soon." I say. "You'd better go home."

He doesn't argue and say he wants to stay, however adorable that would be, he knows when to snap back into reality. That isn't as harsh as I thought it would be though. He smiles, kissing my cheek. 

"Okay." he nods. "That was fun."

I feel like I'm smiling that indulgent smile but just not anywhere near as beautifully as he does. "It was. Now, be gone."

He grins and gets up, going to the front door with me. "I'm going, I'm going."

He leans in to kiss me once more but all of my neighbours are blabber mouths and the front door is open so I place my finger on his lips again. I feel that becoming a thing. He chuckles and takes my hand, kissing it. 

"Bye." he smiles.

"Bye." I smile back. 

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