Do you ever just see a beautiful stranger? Not just a stranger that looks nice, but a really beautiful stranger who just captures you with the way they look and the way they act and makes you think about them at 2 am. A beautiful stranger that leaves you wonder struck and makes you somehow want to see them again and be with them forever yet at the same time, make you want to stay away from them so they remain this mysterious beautiful person that's in the world that would never hurt you.
I should have gone with the latter.


12. 12

Ethan's point of view

I knock on Rosy's door and a girl with brown hair and a fringe opens, looking me up and down with a glint in her eye. 

"Hello." she says, smiling.

I frown but smile back. "Uh, hi. Nicole?" 

"Nicole." she nods. "Ethan?" 

"Ethan." I nod. "This is my friend Adam."

Adam winks at her and she blushes. "Hello Adam." 

"Hello Nicole."

I stare at them, a little horrified, even though I guess I knew this was going to happen. From what I've heard about Nicole, she is the female version of Adam. Nicole leads us both upstairs into Rosy's room and she's just sat on a large beanbag, flicking through a magazine. 

"Nicole, I was just thinking-" she stops when she sees Adam and I. "Oh. Hey. "

"Hey. This is Adam." I introduce them. "Adam, this is Rosy."

She sighs. "Nice to meet you Adam. I'm Rose."

He nods at her grinning and then goes over to Rosy's bed and sits down beside Nicole where they start chatting. I feel kinda weird. I don't know what Rosy and I are, whether we're a couple or a thing or whether we're ignoring our feelings for each other, but I know I want to be alone with her right now. Not to do anything, just to be alone. I also feel weird that I'm in her room. Like, wow, this is where she sleeps. My douchebag best friend is sat on her bed. Wow. 

"Hey Rosy Posy." I wink and sit beside her on the beanbag. "It's nice to see you."

"Nice to see you too." she smiles, still slowly flicking through her magazine even though I'm still looking straight at her. I can't help it. The sun is coming through the window, showing the dusting of freckles across her nose and her cheeks. "How are you dealing with your man crush?" 

"Oh shut up." I laugh. "It's not a man crush."

"It's legal for you two to be together." she points out. "It's not legal for us to be together."

"We're together?" 

"Well I figured."

"No, no, I figured too." I grin. "Awesome."

She laughs, pushing me. "You're such a dork. It's not legal for us to be together."

"Of course it is!" I chuckle at her innocence. "There's just one thing we're not allowed to do. But we're allowed to do this..." I forget that Adam and Nicole are over in the other corner of the room and I take her hand, a buzz running up my arm and through my entire body. "And this..." I kiss her cheek and feel the overwhelming urge to kiss her everywhere. I move my lips towards hers. "And this..."

I think she's going to kiss me but before I can kiss her, she pulls away, smiling playfully. 

"We're not having our first kiss while Nicole and your friend Adam are making out in the corner of the room." she says, placing a finger on my lips. I kiss that anyway and look over to Nicole and Adam, frowning. 

"They both work fast." I mutter in surprise. 

"I know right." she mutters back in the same tone. 

"So." I look at her, holding her hand tighter. The buzz hasn't stopped. I wonder if it ever will. I hope it never does. "You going to a castle this weekend? Because my parents genuinely are dragging me along to one and I'd like to see you there."

She shrugs. "You'll give it away."

"I'll give what away?" 

"That we're together!"

"To who?" 

"My family."


"So? Ethan, you're eighteen. You're too old for me, they won't like it. If they think we're just friends, they won't think anything of it."

I groan. "Great."

"It'll be like Romeo and Juliet."

"I've never hated Shakespeare more."

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