fate or acciddental

Megan is just an ordinary girl or so her best friend thinks........
read to find out more


1. Megan's pov

chapter 1 - Megan's pov

My brother, Louis Tomlinson. Amazing. The first time he introduced me to the other boys in his band, me and Niall knew we would be best friends, my first guy best friend it was gonna be so cool. That first week I knew it was gonna be fun but of course they had to get back to work so I had to say good bye. Not that I wanted to. Me and Louis are still close but not as close as we used to be, but me and niall don't talk anymore. Louis keeps me up to date on the boys (I think he does it coz he knows I really want to talk to niall). So now back to the present time. My best friends name is charlotte, she is the only one I've told about Louis and what happened with niall but of course she's a fan of one direction so if Louis hasn't updated me she will. Other than that there's not much to say. My name is Megan Tomlinson and im 16. 1 year younger than harry, that makes Louis 20, my very big brother, in his twenties before im even an adult.

ring, ring, ring, ring

I better get that.

"hello?" I asked into the IPhone.

"hey" my brother said

(l-Louis, m-myself)

m - arrrhhhhh

l - what don't want to speak to me

m - I thought it was gonna be charlotte

l - how nice maybe I should hang up, im obviously not wanted

m - I didn't mean it like that Louis so what did you want

l - I wanted to update you seeing as your always so interested

m - charlotte already did that

l - what!!!! fine but I making someone talk to you now see if that will lighten your mood coz your a right joy to talk to, you know that right?

 m - yes I know and who?

l - wait and see or hear as we're on the phone -- "take the phone, they want to speak to you." Louis said. "who is it?" I heard another voice say. "wait and see." then he left I think --

"hello?" I heard a familiar voice say

"niall?" great my voice cracked.


(n-niall, m-myself)

m - ye- yes

n - oh my god (he cursed under his breath but I heard him)

m - niall is it really you or am I imagining it and really its Louis on the phone

n - it is me Em

(he just used his nickname for me)

m - are you sure you're not Louis this doesn't seem real

n - im sure and plus I called you Em Louis doesn't

m - yes your right

n - I know I am

m - I hear laughing in the background

n - Megan I missed you

m - note the pasted tense I see

n - im sorry its just-

m - just what niall I waited so long for you to call but you never did and then I gave up waiting I also waited so long for a text or a call saying you were missing me but it never came and you know what's worse, don't bother answering that I was gonna tell you anyway. the worst of all is when I do speak to you I get a I missed you but its in the past tense and that means you don't care anymore. it hurts a lot. and im scared you wont want to see or speak to me again and go on ignoring me the way you have.

n - I understand what your saying but let me explain please its the least I can do.

m - fine but I bet you don't understand

n - Megan please listen I do -

m - one sec charlottes here

n - who's char-

m - shhhhh

"hey Lottie what's up?" I asked my new best friend

"I wanted to know if you wanted to go out for a bit but I'll let you finish the call. who is it?"

"nosey and it was Louis but now its niall and sure id love too"

"that bastard he thinks he can just talk to you after ignoring you and good coz we need to talk"

n - who was that?

m - just my best friend charlotte

n - she doesn't like me and your best friend what bout me

m - you left me, and trust me she likes you just not what you did to me. oh and you were explaining that so go on.

n - well after we left we were all really busy and I know you enough to know you were gonna say something like 'Louis had enough time' but he didn't. I missed my mums birthday and my dads and my brothers and then I went and did something I promised myself I would never do I missed your birthday. Megan, Em you have to understand that I didn't want to ignore you I missed your birthday and thought you wouldn't want to speak to me I kept writing texts but deleting them knowing I probably wouldn't get a reply. im so sorry I really am.

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