My True Feelings

I have been holding all my secrets in for far too long. I have to let them out but how? I am gonna write a diary. Kady writes all her feelings down in a purple fluffy secret diary. She confesses all her secrets and her biggest fears, until one day she has to talk to that guy who she has had a crush on for like ever! She is planning it out in her head and writes in her diary how it could go until her diary is missing.........


3. Sparkling

I am searching high and low for my diary it has to be somewhere. As I go into the empty changing rooms as it is period 4 and no-one had P.E I saw a little sparkle near the back of the room. I had nothing to lose so I walked towards the sparkle, and as I walked around the corner I saw a person that I have never met before look at me sand talk to me like they have known me all my life, but I had no clue who they were. 

"So you want your life to change huh" The person said

I replied "Yes I want my life to change completely but only my social status and my popularity, I wanna be popular I want all the boys to want me" 

Then she clicked her fingers and I wasn't in the changing rooms anymore I was in a shiny car sitting in the drivers seat with keys in my hand and the person in the passenger seat telling me this car was mine. Well everyone will be looking at me when I arrive at school. Then I realised what clothes to wear and I said in my head I need clothes that would make me look sexy and make all the boys want me and to also make me popular. Glitter falls around me and when all the glitter is on the floor I see I am standing in the wardrobe of the most spectacular clothes ever, and that's when I realised this was my closet in my room and it has turned into a walk in closet. My life is starting to get better. So I have all the best things and I have a phone that hasn't even come out yet so I am obvi gonna get attention especially from the boys. 

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