My True Feelings

I have been holding all my secrets in for far too long. I have to let them out but how? I am gonna write a diary. Kady writes all her feelings down in a purple fluffy secret diary. She confesses all her secrets and her biggest fears, until one day she has to talk to that guy who she has had a crush on for like ever! She is planning it out in her head and writes in her diary how it could go until her diary is missing.........


2. How can this happen to 1 person in 1 day

Well I had a really good dream that I was the popular girl and all the jocks liked me and wanted me and that the most popular girl in reality was the nerd freak and that the bad things happened to her then the dream flipped and the jocks were the geeks head down in bins and then I dated the most popular boy in school.But obviously that would never come true so instead of losing that most amazing dream i decided to writ e in down in my purple fluffy diary.

I went to school and I had to leg it to class as the jocks had tripped me up and I fell into a pile of spilled coke so I had to go to my locker and find a top to wear. I had no luck so instead of going into class with a brown stain on looking like I have had a mouldy period on my top I had to go to lost property.Yuck! 

So I go into class and everyone looks at me as I am wearing the same top as the freak, Graham. I did not realise I was wearing a boy's top. CRINGE! So I run as fast as I could down the hall into the toilets and stay there all period 1.

That's when I reach into my bag to write this terrible disaster down in my purple fluffy diary when I realise it's missing. I literally scream. This can't be happening all my secrets and thoughts and my dream are kept within that diary. My social life life will be down to 0 if anyone reads that. I AM DOOMED!  

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