My True Feelings

I have been holding all my secrets in for far too long. I have to let them out but how? I am gonna write a diary. Kady writes all her feelings down in a purple fluffy secret diary. She confesses all her secrets and her biggest fears, until one day she has to talk to that guy who she has had a crush on for like ever! She is planning it out in her head and writes in her diary how it could go until her diary is missing.........


1. Confessions

Dear Diary, 


                    Today has been awful everyone has been staring at me like I am a freak and like I have done something wrong, but if I have done something wrong I don't know what it is, someone has to help me I am in a high school crisis. My social life isn't going great either I have barely any followers on Instagram or Facebook I have like 1 or 2 or even 3 friends and followers. I follow all the populars to see what they are all doing at the weekends and when they go to parties I am not invited to but it is fun seeing what they choose to wear for them anyway. I am just trying to fit in like all the other nerds, freaks and geeks. Before I die one day I will be one of the populars and to fit in with all the cool people and get invited to all these cool parties and have more followers. I know there is more to life then being popular and well-known but all I am well-known for is being a total freak who is trying to fit in and of all the embarrassing images of me on the jocks pages of me in a bin or slushie down my top. You look at the popular girls pages do they have pics of them looking total stupid no because everyone thinks they are the bomb right and there is just me with my head down the bin. I know right peak times! Anyway school was exactly the same as usually people looking and laughing at me, eating my lunch in the toilet yet again this week. I have had to hide from the jocks as they usually take my lunch and shove it in my face so I can't eat it as it is all over my face and I have to go and wash it off in the toilet so if I stay in the toilet and eat my lunch I can actually eat my lunch without it all over my face. Well I have to go to bed now I have school tomorrow again and I bet you the "populars" and the "jocks" would of done something to my chair because yesterday they hid a whoopee cushion in the seat that automatically blew itself up again so every-time I sat down it sounded like I farted. I have to sleep and be in my own world where I get revenge on "those" people before reality hits me again in the morning. Bye!

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