My True Feelings

I have been holding all my secrets in for far too long. I have to let them out but how? I am gonna write a diary. Kady writes all her feelings down in a purple fluffy secret diary. She confesses all her secrets and her biggest fears, until one day she has to talk to that guy who she has had a crush on for like ever! She is planning it out in her head and writes in her diary how it could go until her diary is missing.........


4. A Whole new Life

I wake up the next morning and put my new fashionable clothes and I don't have to put makeup on now as my face looks gorgeous and it looks like I am wearing makeup but I am not.

When I am ready I grab my keys and jump in my fabulous car and drive to school. I really can't wait to see the faces of everyone when they see me. I am smiling like it was Christmas morning, but this was so much better. Grabbing my designer handbag I had put of the door thinking what everyone will think of me, and how gorgeous my car and I look. 

Then when I get ready to go into my car I think if I become popular, I have to have house parties and my house isn't exactly glamorous so I wish in my head that my house was the best house in the town with technology and security that no-one can get through without the password.

I am feeling so smug that I did not think what my parents would say so rung them to see whether they noticed but they had thought that our house has always been like that and this makes me smile even more, that it makes my face hurt.

I jump into my car and speed off down the road to school. 

When I arrive at school everyone thinks there is a celebrity but guess what it is just me. I sya to my self before I get out of my car and start the rest of my beautiful life "Know who your true friends are". Then  I step out and watch everyone gaze at me in ore. I am ready to start the school day.

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