In Your Arms

The plan was to go to Paris and find Nikki. Alex didn't care about anything else, but once in the city of love will something spark inside her heart? She soon starts to realize just how hard it is to find one girl in a city that's filled with thousands. When the trail runs dry will she give up? Along the way will her heart finally be won over? Then just what are Nikki and Zayn up to in the city of love? Read.


1. Paris.

Alex's POV: 

 The plane ride to Paris wasn't that long compared to the ride from America here. Still I hated planes. I sat next to Harry and Louis on the plane listening to them talk about girls. It was odd listening to them because ever since we met them I have only seen them with us. I know that for a second there Harry had feelings for Nikki. I had a feeling that Liam still had feelings for her, which I feel bad for him. I mean it's obvious that Nikki really likes Zayn, I mean heck she ran away with the guy. 

 Once we got off the plane Harry and Liam went to grab the bags while Louis, Niall, and I looked around the airport. My thoughts broke when I heard a little squeal. I turned my head to see a girl blushing looking up at Louis. 

"I'm sorry..." She mumbled. 

"It's fine." He smiled casually at her making her blush more. I rolled my eyes annoyed at how much she was flirting with someone she just met. I softly groaned and walked away. Being around that just made me sick to my stomach. 

"Ready?" Harry asked breaking my thoughts. 

"Yes!" I smiled. 

"Where's Lou?" Liam asked. 

"Flirting with some girl." Niall said munching on some candy. I grabbed a handful and nodded agreeing with what he said. 

"That doesn't bother you?" Liam asked. 

"Why should it?" I asked. "My mission is to find my friend then have a nice relaxing rest of summer and then head home." 

Everyone's smiles dropped. I sighed shaking my head as I walked out to the car that was being rented. I hopped into the back seat as Liam got into the driver's seat and Harry got into the passenger seat. Niall sat next to me on one side and Louis finally catching up to us sat on the other side. We drove to a hotel talking about random things. Harry asked Louis about the girl that was flirting with him. He had got her number, go figure. Niall and I sat quiet munching on his candy. 

When we got to the hotel we were given one room with two bed rooms attached to it. Once in the room I walked over to the window and looked out in awe. You could see the whole city out this window. 

"So who should room with who?" Harry asked. 

"You and Louis in one bedroom, Liam and Niall in the other." I said turning around. 

"What about you?" Niall frowned. 

"Couch." I smiled as they all frowned. "What?"

"That's not polite of us." Liam shook his head. 

"And me sharing a bed with a male is?" I teased. 

"She's got a point Louis laughed. 

"Fine you win." Liam sighed.

"I always do." I winked. 

 When the sun started to set I sat on the floor staring out of the window with a sad pit digging deeper inside my chest. I turned my head as Harry sat down next to me with his curls dripping wet, as he was only wearing a pair of gym shorts. I grabbed the towel and dried his curls. Before I was able to pull my hands away he grabbed both of my wrists and stared at me with his emerald green eyes glowing. 

"Everything will be fine." He tried to reassure me. As he let go of my wrists I stared back out the window and let out a sad sigh. 

"I wonder where she is..." I sighed. 

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