5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines

5 Seconds Of Imagines.
Enjoy (hopefully)
Lukes girls
Ashtons girls (Me!)
Michaels girls (Me!)
and Calums girls.
requests open.


2. Michael Clifford "Pregnancy" Imagine.

-Your Point of view-

I stared down at the stick in my hands. Two blue lines. This can be happening l. I'm only 18. Oh my god what am I going to tell Michael? My thoughts were cut off by the front door opening and closing.

"Y/N I'm home! ... Baby?" Michael said running up the stairs. I quickly hid the pregnancy test under my pillow and dried my fallen tears.

"HI- oh honey what's wrong?" Michael asks me knelling down infront of me as I sit on our bed. "Have you been getting hate again?" He asks. That happened once. But the fans are generally supportive of our relationship.

"No... But... Um p-please don't f-freak out..."

"What? No of course I won't baby."

"Look um... Well remember the other night..." I trailed off.

"Of course. So much fun." He says.

"We'll... You didn't... Um... Well I..."


"I... Ohy god Michael I'm so sorry but... I'm pregnant." I sobbed.

"That's fantastic! Oh I think I love you even more if that's even possible!" He says hugging me tight.

"W-wait Y-you're not mad?"

"No. I'm so happy. We're gonna have a little Y/N or little Michael running around! Oh I love you so much!"

"I love you too!"

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