5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines

5 Seconds Of Imagines.
Enjoy (hopefully)
Lukes girls
Ashtons girls (Me!)
Michaels girls (Me!)
and Calums girls.
requests open.


3. Ashton Irwin "Nerd" Imagine.

You were walking through the halls of your school to get to you English lesson watching as everyone moved out of you and your friends way. You lot were the most popular people in school. Many people feared you because a few of the girls in your group were dating the Jocks. Everyone expects you to date the sporty jerks and jocks like Luke hemmings who was your best friends boyfriend but in all reality you were in love with the Nerdiest (but cutest) kid in school, Ashton Irwin.
Later that day you were sat at your lunch table alone eating your lunch waiting for your friends to come over. They're late. Probably in detention. You think to yourself. This was a regular thing. But what was unusual was the Nerd, Ashton, walking over to your table, Normally he would be to scared.

"Hi... Y-Y/N." he stuttered.
"Hey Ashton. what's up?" you ask.
"Y-You know my n-name? wow. And I was... erm..... wondering if err.... You were busy on Saturday?"
"oh nothing why?"
"would you err.....like to erm... come see a movie with me? if you don't want to I understand but.... yeah." You fight back a humongous squeal.
"Yes! errr... I mean yeah sure." You say flipping your hair to seem calm and cool.
"Thanks Y/N!" He says. You give him a hug and peck his cheek, when you both spot your friends he says.
"ummm, bye Y/N, I'll message you on Facebook. bye." and then he ran off.
Oh. My. God. You thought.

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