Something Great

Nicole has grown up in North America on the East coast ever since she was born. She had long brown hair that met the middle of her back and brown/caramel eyes. Her life was pretty good in America. Good grades and she was in a great school. But when she turned 13 everything changed. Her dad got fired from his job. It has always been just her and her dad. Her mom took her brother to some place she was never told about when she was born. Nicole never knew why she wasn't aloud to know though. Nicole was taken to London when she found out her father got fired. He said something about a new start. He had a terrible new start. Her father used to be loving and caring but ever since he got fired he got into drugs, cigarettes, alcohol; the works. Nicole has worked multiple jobs ever since her dad has started all this. She has to pay for everything he wants. When her father goes over the edge one night and sends Nicole out onto the streets, what will happen to her? Will she ever be happy? Will a certain guy come into the picture?


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5

Niall's P.O.V.

Why did she run away? Does she not like me? Why did she try to get away from me but then be totally okay with Liam? She probably likes him. C'mon Horan, a beautiful girl like he liking you? Ha, nope!

It scared me so much when she made that joke about not knowing who I was. I thought she really didn't like me. God that was embarrassing.

She doesn't know her last name. Nicole Horan. I like it. Wait, what? No I just met this girl. Okay but she look like she was gonna bolt again so I got up as well and begged her to stay.

She look at me and then put her head down as she started to think.

I could literally see the gears in her head turning and working as hard as they could. Until, they started to stop working. She started to shake again and she started to cry again.

Without thinking I started to pull her in quickly so i could hold her. Calm her. Care for her. Love her.

It shocked me this time she held me back. She held me as she cried for awhile. I looked at the other boys to see them just looking at her. All just as confused as me. I really want her to trust me and tell me what happened. But I don't think she will.

Nicole pulled away, wiped her eyes and said angrily "Do you all really want to know?" Oh never mind maybe she will tell us.

"Yes. Pease Nicole you can trust us." I told her honestly and reaching out for her.

She pulled back until she was at the front of the room. And she told us everything. She. Looked. Pissed.

About her mom and brother. Her dad. Drugs. Alcohol. The cigarettes. The beatings. I hated that one. Her jobs. Her singing. Her guitar. Her cuts- WAIT CUTS?!

My mouth hung open. I could see that the boys did too and Liam and Louis where crying.

I felt a tear fall down my face as well. Why would such a beautiful girl, do that? Her father you idiot, said my head.

That man, the man made my blood boil. I hated the thoughts of him. Why would he do that to his daughter? What kind of sick human being could do that?

Then she went on a rant about an old boyfriend that lied and cheated on her and how he went and told the cops but then something about no evidence and then she just broke down crying as she wrapped her arms around her body.

She still looked angry. I don't know why though. Mad at her dad? Ex idiot who said he loved her but really didn't? I don't know. But I do know I don't like to see her cry.

I gotta say though, she looks absolutely beautiful still. I could even see the fire in her eyes when she told us her life story. I thought she was beautiful. If only she knew she had me around her finger.

I got up and wrapped my arms around her small shaking body.

"Oh hell no. I don't want pity." Nicole explained angrily as she used me away.

I unwrapped my arms nervously and said, "I just want to help Nicole."

"Oh really," she started sarcastically, "how bad? Huh? Do you really care?"

"I care about you...." I said softy. I didn't even think she would her me.

Her brown eyes stopped spilling over with water and widened at what I said.


"You're different. I love different. No one, no matter what, should ever be treated like that even by family. You sound like your life was horrible and you haven't had happiness in years. I want to make you happy." I replied with every honest fiber in my being. I knew the guys where watching. But I didn't care. Besides, they where making fun of me for liking her earlier.

Nicole's P.O.V.

I'm speechless. Here's this boy, who I've never met before other than today at the park, who wants to help me. He cares about me.

I looked behind him at the other guys. Liam and Louis where crying into their hands. I hate it. I don't want pity. Zayn and Harry look shocked.

"Nicole would you please stay the night here?" I pulled my eyes back to Niall.

"Okay but I don't have clothes." I responded while rubbing the back of my neck.

"We have extra clothes everywhere. We can find you something."

I nodded my head while looking at the other boys. Liam and Louis had stopped crying long enough to find out that I was staying.

I gave up. I'm going to trust these guys. I just have to make one thing clear.

"Okay I've got something to ask," I directed to everyone. All eye where on me again, "So it's amazing of you to offer me some help Niall but I don't want to be treated differently, like, at all. I don't like pity."

The guys chorused a round of okays and nods.

I bobbed my head while looking around the room again. It had a huge window that looked over London. It was beautiful at night.

I jumped when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my torso and neck and shoulders....what? Oh, I'm getting a group hug. I like these. I inhaled all their scents.

I felt a small kiss land on the top of my head. Surprised, I looked up to see who it was. It was Liam. I could tell it was just friendly. I already knew we would be close.

I don't like him like I like Niall of course. Liam doesn't have the same eyes as him.

As the five boys unwrapped from the hug Louis asked, "Alright, so can I please go to sleep after that sob story, do ya mind if I get some sleep?"

Of course he meant it jokingly so I laughed along, trying to lighten the guys up.

The boys laughed along with me as Liam went into the other room saying, "I'll get you some sweats to wear to bed."

I nodded to Liam as he disappeared behind a door.

I sat down with a sigh and looked at Zayn who started to sit next to me.

"You where really good in the park. I thought Niall was just pulling our legs when he said he saw a beautiful girl who could sing amazingly just hanging out in the park." Zayn said when he sat next to me.

My head whipped to Niall's direction. His face was so red and I slowly felt my face growing hot as well.

I cleared my throat before answering, "Oh, um, thank you Zayn and....Niall."

"Oh no problem love." Zayn said chuckling smirking at Niall who mumbled something about going to get me a T-shirt and countinueing to be red.

I felt the couch sink in next to me and I found Harry smiling down at me and wrapping an arm over the top of the couch.

"He really likes you." Harry said matter-of-factly.

"No he doesn't." My voice sounded confident in having said it multiple times in my head.

Zayn and Harry just laughed as my face grew even warmer.

Louis was sitting across from me and the other boys anda he was just looking at his hands.

"Lou, are you okay?" I asked softly.

He look up at me with a warm smile and said, "yeah it's just know all you've been through....that's a lot to take in."

His eyes wandered back to his hands.

"Sorry..." I said sorry a lot at home so it just felt natural to say it to him. I didn't mean to make them all sad. I didn't even mean to tell them my freaking life story.

Louis looked up at me quickly as did Zayn and Harry.

"Why are you sorry Nicole?" Harry asked clearly wondering why I thought that it was my fault.

"I just....I didn't mean to make you all sad and stuff......I didn't even mean to tell you guys my life."

Th guys didn't get to respond. Liam and Niall came back with sweatpants that I already knew would be way too huge on me and an old t-shirt.

Niall was less red too. He was cute when he blushed though.....stop it Nic! He won't ever like you!

"Hey Nicole, here I got you something to change out of those dirty clothes. Niall can show you a bathroom to change into." Liam said giving me a nice smile and the clothes.

Zayn, Harry, and Louis laughed quietly at Niall's reddening cheeks.

I knew my cheeks where reddening as I looked at my feet and followed Niall to the bathroom.

Niall's P.O.V.

God why did Zayn have to say that? I must've looked so stupid. Why would she, a beautiful and talented girl with the most amazing brown/caramel eyes even like me?

I gave her a side glance at her while I showed her a bathroom to change in.

When we reached the door I looked back at Nicole. She was amazing. I really liked her. She was beautiful, talented, sweet, fiery, but so unhappy. She didn't have a family. I wanted her to smile. I know she laughed at Louis's little joke but it want a real smile.

"Thanks Niall." A sweet voice took me out of my daydream about her.

I smiled down and gazed into her deep brown eyes.

"No problem Nic."

Wait, what? She seemed surprised that I called her that.

"I mean, I'm sorry I didn't mea-"

An adorable, light, airy laugh stopped me.

"It's okay Niall. Just no ones ever called me that except for me." A blush creeped onto her cute cheeks.

"Oh...okay uh I'll wait in the other room. You can come back out when ever you're ready and then you can get some rest." I said quickly because I didn't want her to see my cheeks blushing as well by just looking at her. God she made me so nervous.

She nodded as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

I walked back to the room with a love struck look on my face apparently.

"Lover boy is back boys." Announced Harry when I got back.

I didn't even bother to answer I just shook my head and couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

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