Something Great

Nicole has grown up in North America on the East coast ever since she was born. She had long brown hair that met the middle of her back and brown/caramel eyes. Her life was pretty good in America. Good grades and she was in a great school. But when she turned 13 everything changed. Her dad got fired from his job. It has always been just her and her dad. Her mom took her brother to some place she was never told about when she was born. Nicole never knew why she wasn't aloud to know though. Nicole was taken to London when she found out her father got fired. He said something about a new start. He had a terrible new start. Her father used to be loving and caring but ever since he got fired he got into drugs, cigarettes, alcohol; the works. Nicole has worked multiple jobs ever since her dad has started all this. She has to pay for everything he wants. When her father goes over the edge one night and sends Nicole out onto the streets, what will happen to her? Will she ever be happy? Will a certain guy come into the picture?


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

Nicole's P.O.V.

"Whoa, are you oka-oh my god you're the girl from the park." He said once he saw my face. I kept my eyes closed knowing that once I looked into his eyes I would tell him everything and I would trust him with my life. But I knew I couldn't trust much of anyone.

"Hey, you're hurt. Who the hell did this to you!?" Said Niall as soon as he saw my bruises. I opened my eyes slowly to meet dark blue ones that actually scared me and weren't like the pretty blue ones I saw earlier this day.

But I muttered a quiet answer any way.

"My dad...." I said barely audible.

Niall pulled me into a tight hug. Why did he care? Why was he showing me any sort of care?

He held me there for a while while stroking my hair. I would've thought it was weird because, c'mon he petting me, but it felt nice. It put me at peace.

My eyes started to droop. They couldn't even close until Niall pulled out of the hug. I grew cold at the sudden loss of warmth.

He grabbed by my shoulders firmly. I knew that touch. My dad would do every time we would push me down the stairs. I flinched at his action.

When I realized he wasn't going to hurt me I slowly opened my eyes.

"I would never hurt you." He said a calmly and quiet as he could. He looked me in my eyes and I knew he would never hurt me. He wasn't lying.

"You need some place to stay. I mean, there's no way I'm letting you go back to your fathers. You would get hurt." Niall started, "I'll just let you come back to my place and at least spend the night. Then we can get you some help."

This boy I haven't had a real conversation with, was offering me a place to stay. I didn't say anything. I just looked into his eyes looking for anything, something that would tell me that we was going to hurt me or that he was lying.

But I didn't. All I saw were two beautiful blue eyes staring back at my brown ones.

I knew I shouldn't trust a stranger but I felt like I could trust this one. And he wasn't a complete stranger, I knew his name. Well, not his full name but his first name is Niall.

I found myself slowly nodding my head still cautious. Niall's smile grew when he heard that.

"Okay, my hotel is just down the street. Do you think you're okay to walk?" He asked me while looking down the street and then back to me.

I nodded my head again with more confidence.

"You can talk to me you know." Niall said pushing some of my hair behind my ear.

I turned my head fast with wide eyes to face him. I didn't want to go home with him. I didn't want to get hurt. What if he hurt me? He said he wouldn't. But people can lie....wait. What does him lying have to do with me talking? I guess I'm just paranoid.

"Okay..." I said almost mutely to him.

Niall smiled in return.

"Well we should start to go. It's pretty cold outside tonight." He was right. I was freezing in my thin grey sweatshirt and my jean shorts.

I must've looked horrible to Niall. A girl with a bloody nose, bruises all over her legs, and terrible hair. Oh god I didn't even want to think about my hair.

He rapped an arm around my shoulder and carefully guided me along the sidewalk almost as he was afraid I were to fall over or something. I didn't make it 5 steps without my legs screaming for me to stop and just take a rest.

I tripped over absolutely nothing's I couldn't hold my screams of pain in any more.

Niall saw me starting to fall and he quickly grabbed me.

"Oh god, are you okay?" He asked me with clear worry in his eyes.

I couldn't do this. I couldn't walk ten steps without having my legs beg for me to stop.

"No, uh, it's my legs." I said quietly while blushing. I don't know why I blushed. I guess I was just embarrassed that I needed help. I've always loved to be independent.

Niall scanned my body but especially my legs. His eyes grew huge when he saw the bruises.

"Your dad did that?" Niall spit out angrily.

His words shocked me. Why did he care? I just met him today.

I nervously shook my head yes, not trusting my voice because I thought I sob would come out instead because of the pain I was in.

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