Something Great

Nicole has grown up in North America on the East coast ever since she was born. She had long brown hair that met the middle of her back and brown/caramel eyes. Her life was pretty good in America. Good grades and she was in a great school. But when she turned 13 everything changed. Her dad got fired from his job. It has always been just her and her dad. Her mom took her brother to some place she was never told about when she was born. Nicole never knew why she wasn't aloud to know though. Nicole was taken to London when she found out her father got fired. He said something about a new start. He had a terrible new start. Her father used to be loving and caring but ever since he got fired he got into drugs, cigarettes, alcohol; the works. Nicole has worked multiple jobs ever since her dad has started all this. She has to pay for everything he wants. When her father goes over the edge one night and sends Nicole out onto the streets, what will happen to her? Will she ever be happy? Will a certain guy come into the picture?


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2


When my shift ended at 6 I still hadn't stopped thinking about Niall. I was broken out of my trance when I heard my boss yell across the room,

"Nic, you gotta go! Your shift ended 10 minuets ago!"

Oh my god. He was right! My dad is going to kill me! Maybe literally this time if he's in a bad mood.

"Thanks for reminding me sir!" I yelled back to him as I raced out of the store.

I ran down Main Street and took a right down to a small neighbor hood that is mainly just for middle class family.

I didn't stop running until I reached the front door where I struggled to catch my breath. I cautiously opened the door to find the tv turned up way too loud.

"Nicole Amelia Burns! Where the hell have you been!?" My father roared when he stood up when he saw me.

I flinched at his loud voice even though I should be used to it by now. I could still smell the pot and alcohol from across the room.

"I-I'm sorry." I said quietly, "but I do have more money than I usually do today."

I was really praying in my head he would be happy at the thought that he could get the best stuff or whatever he needed.

"We'll stop standing around and fork it over!" He yelled as he speed walked over to me, well, he tried since he was completely drunk.

I bent down and set my guitar case on the floor. I opened my case carefully because my dad always hated it when I played guitar. I don't know why though.

I handed him the wad of bills I worked hard for that day in the park. He took the money greedily with a devilish smile on his face.

It quickly disappeared though. His eyes got really dark and I knew what was coming.

"You think this is enough?! I have to pay over $2,000 by tonight to Joe and if I don't, well, I'm as good as dead you worthless b*tch!" My dad roared in my face.

I didn't say anything. I was to afraid of what he could and can do.

"ANSWER ME!" He yelled right in my ear.

When I didn't he cursed under his breath and grabbed my arms forcefully. He walked over to the corner of the room and sat me on my bottom. He didn't waste anytime by getting on top of me and beating me senseless. Everything I tried to cover myself he would just jab a punch at another uncovered spot.

My dad can punch harder than anyone I've ever met. They feel like 100 bricks just being thrown at my body and they won't stop.

After he was finished punching I felt lifeless. He usually leaves me like this. I could feel the blood gushing out of my nose that he had hit multiple times. I couldn't help it. I started to cry. I know what crying did. It showed weakness. And you can't show weakness in my house.

My dad walked over to where he dropped the bills. He glanced over at the fire place. I knew what he was going to do. My dad went over to the coffee where the lighters are. He also grabbed a bunch of old newspaper from the floor. I watched his every move. He walked over to the fireplace with large, long, and uneven steps. He stumbled a couple times on his way over.

When he did reach the fireplace he lit the match and threw everything in the fire. Everything. Even the over $100 dollars that could've gotten him so much. He must really be drunk. Who is Joe anyway?

My dad watched the fire for a few minuets until he looked back to me. His eyes got even darker. He walked over to me and started to kick me repeatedly in the stomach. I started to double over on my side, groaning at the pain he was bringing me. I thought he would never stop until he did. I didn't think he was going to leave me be of course.

He picked me up and brought me to his room. That's when I got scared.

"No. Please. No. Don't touch me." I wheezed out as his kicking had made it difficult to breathe.

"You're such a slut. Just shut up so no one can hear you scream. Why would anyone ever f*ck you. You're ugly as sh*t." My father said a matter of factly in response to my scared cries for him to stop.

He dropped me on the floor on my back. And it cracked. I groaned as I rolled to my side. My father didn't even bother to give me a second glance.

He walked over to the window and opened it all the way. He turned around and walked over to me.

"Since your fat a*s can't fit in the trash can," my dad stopped talking mid-sentence with a disgusting alcohol filled burp, "it looks like I have to throw the trash out the window."

Now, we where two stories up. That would be around a 23 foot drop. That could kill me with the state I'm in now.

My dad picked me up and through me over his shoulder. He started his way over to the window he opened. Before I knew it, I was flying down the side of the house.

The only thing going through my head was, "Well this is a horrible way go." I kept saying that until I reached the ground. Well not technically, I fell into a bush. A freaking bush. A freaking bush saved my life pretty much. God what happened to my life.

I stayed lying there with a blurry vision a tears started to form in my eyes. My dad just through me out. I have no where to go. No family what so ever. They all live in America. I don't have that kind of money! My dumbass of a father just burned a good $300 in our bloody fireplace!

"If you don't get your butt of my lawn I will force you off!" I heard my fathers scream down from the window.

That was all I needed. I shakily got up and started walking. I took the familiar path I've taken every day since I've moved to London. I was going to my bench.

How the heck is that going to help me you may ask. I ask myself the same thing. But that bench was my happy place and I really need some sort of happy in my life.

When I reached the bench my legs and practically my whole body was screaming at me to stop. So I did. I flopped down and laid down on the bench as I looked up at the starry sky.

It was beautiful. I remember when I was little and in elementary school and we would go on a field trip to this little planet and star dome thing that I'd always loved. That was before everything happened.

This was the kind of time that a yearned for my mother. I never met her. After I was born she just left. No note. Nothing. She left me with an okay dad until he had to lose his job.

I started to cry again. The tears came slow and hot down the sides of my face. I didn't want to make a noise unless my father would change his mind and would come looking for me.

I stopped crying after a while. I wanted to cry more but I couldn't. I had cried everything I had. Literally. I only have what I'm wearing.

I decided to sit up. Okay, bad idea. My head started to spin and hurt like heck.

At first I thought it was my imagination but then I realized that he was coming my way. I froze. I barely moved. I prayed he didn't see me. Why is a boy walking the streets alone at night? What if he's a rappist? Why is that the first question that always come to my head? What's wrong with me?

The boy did see me though. He called out in an all too familiar voice, "Hey! Miss? Are you alright?"

It was Niall. I knew that beautiful Irish voice anywhere. It rang out in the chilly night air. But I didn't dare reply. I didn't want him to see me. I didn't want him to ask me questions. And find out the answers. Ah. You can see I don't trust easily.

When Niall noticed I wasn't going to answer he decided to walk a bit faster over to me. Okay that got me nervous. He didn't know who I was right now. Only that I was a girl. I stood up carefully but wobbled. I tired to walk in the other direction but I started to fall.

I was about to hit concrete but I felt two strong arms pull me back up.

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