Something Great

Nicole has grown up in North America on the East coast ever since she was born. She had long brown hair that met the middle of her back and brown/caramel eyes. Her life was pretty good in America. Good grades and she was in a great school. But when she turned 13 everything changed. Her dad got fired from his job. It has always been just her and her dad. Her mom took her brother to some place she was never told about when she was born. Nicole never knew why she wasn't aloud to know though. Nicole was taken to London when she found out her father got fired. He said something about a new start. He had a terrible new start. Her father used to be loving and caring but ever since he got fired he got into drugs, cigarettes, alcohol; the works. Nicole has worked multiple jobs ever since her dad has started all this. She has to pay for everything he wants. When her father goes over the edge one night and sends Nicole out onto the streets, what will happen to her? Will she ever be happy? Will a certain guy come into the picture?


16. chapter 16

Chapter 16

Nicole's P.O.V.

I woke up confuseled. Yes, I know it's not a word. Well I was confused until I remembered that Liam is my brother. My name is Nicole Payne. Cool. And OH MY GOD I HAVE A DATE WITH NIALL TONIGHT.

I still couldn't believe that I had a date with him. I mean, I'm me and he's him. He famous and I'm me. Holy crap this is amazing.

I smiled as I got out of bed- whoa, that's weird, I usually hate getting out of bed. Eh, whatever. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth quickly and washed my mouth with some mouthwash.

Happy with myself, I walked out to the kitchen to see if Harry had more food like yesterday.

The first thing I saw was Liam sitting on the couch watching the news. Hey, that's my face. Holy crap! That's my face! On the news! All the other guys where watching the tv with Liam.

"Our boy band famous Liam Payne has clearly moved on from Dani and was spotted yesterday out for lunch at a little café in London with this mystery girl." The makeup caked woman on the tv said, "we have yet to figure out who she is but there is no doubt that we will find out soon." And then she was gone.

Liam turned off the tv and took his phone out and typed something furiously. After he put down his phone he finally noticed me.

"Oh hey, Nicole." Liam said giving me a small smile.

"They think I'm your girlfriend?" I asked sitting down next to him on the couch.


"Well can you tell them I'm just your little sister."

"I just did that on don't have a twitter right?"

"No, why?"

"Just don't want you going on it if you had one."

I nodded when Harry spoke up, "okay, food anyone?"

Niall and I said "YES" at the same time which made Louis and Zayn crack up and called Niall lover boy.

I blushed as Harry handed me a plate and I sat backdown on the couch.

"No eating on the couch." Liam said sternly from the kitchen.

"Too bad." I said with my mouth full and turning on the tv.

I could hear Louis laugh and then hear him getting hit in the stomach.

Niall laughed too as he sat down next to me.

"I'm serious, no eating on the couch. I don't want to stain it." Liam said walking over to me.

"Dude, I won't stain the couch. Seriously, the food is going from my plate straight to my mouth." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Yeah," Zayn said joining our sit in on the couch.

"Are you rebelling against me?" Liam asked not believing we weren't doing what he said.

"Yes." Louis stated as he sat next to Niall.

"Harry," Liam called into the kitchen, "help me over here."

"I'm good." Harry said sitting next to Zayn.

"You guys are gonna stain something." Liam said standing his ground.

"No we won't." All five of us said in high pitched voices.

Liam groaned and ran his hand down his face as he went to get some food.

We all laughed and watched what was on tv. It was some English children show. I remember when I watched Spongebob in America.

Liam came back with his plate of food and sat next to Louis on the end of the couch.

"Oh my god guys, the stick in the mud joined us!" I yelled.

"Aaaayyyyeeeee!" The boys all chorused together loudly.

"Shut up," Liam said as he went on his phone.

I saw his brows crease together and him frown.

"Li what's wrong?" I asked.

He mumbled something I couldn't understand and then he was typing something into his phone.

"He saw hate for you on twitter." Niall whispered in my ear. He literally sent chills down my spine.

"What's hate?" I whispered back.

"When people bully you and hate on you and stuff." Niall said putting some more food in his mouth.

I nodded and I turned back to the tv that had changed to yet another football game.

I glanced over at Liam and he seemed deep in thought. I wanted to talk to Liam but Harry interrupted by saying, "what are we going to do today?"

That seemed to take Liam out of his thoughts as he looked up at Harry.

"Weeeelllllll......." Louis started sitting up straighter, "NIALL AND NICOLE HAVE A DATE!"

I blushed and put my face in my hands as I heard all the boys laugh except for Niall and Liam. I looked up slightly and saw Niall was looking at me sideways as his head rested in his hands as well.

"We should've kept it to ourselves." I told Niall while laughing.

"Yeah but then your brother would kill me." Niall responded laughing as well as he looked at Liam who had started to laugh along with the other boys.

I groaned and stood up taking my plate back into the kitchen. Oh my god. Mmkay, Harry can cook but he makes a HUGE mess.

I rolled my eyes and smiled as I put my plate in the sink and started running the faucet.

"Nic, whatcha doin'?!" Zayn yelled from the couch, "got bored with us?"

"No, I'm just cleaning up HARRY'S mess." I yelled mixing the soap with the warm water.

I heard Harry say a little high pitched "oops" and then the boys started laughing again.

Liam and Niall came in with the others plates and added them into the sink. Oh hell no. Don't out dishes in the sink when I'm already washing some. Don't test me.

I glared at Niall and Liam but took the plates and continued to wash them.

"Oh my god! You're Liam's sister!" Louis screamed from the couch looking like he was just having himself a grand old time trying to control his laughter.

"Tomlinson, shut your fancy British mouth before I make you do the dishes." I said sternly glaring up at him through the little breakfast bar area that I could see the main room from.

Louis shut up right away and gawked at me.

"Yay! Some one who can actually sass back at Lou!" Harry exclaimed happily from the couch and then continuing to laugh.

I smiled and rolled my eyes as I scrubbed a plate.

The sink was really big. It had two bowls but only one faucet. I always found that weird.

I felt some one come up next to me and taking some of my dishes for theirselves. I turned my head to my left to find Niall. Niall turned his head too and smiled. I returned it as I put the plate I was washing on the dish towel on the counter to dry.

"Hey princess." Niall said casually.

He said it like it was no big deal. Oh my god it literally melted my insides and made me want to smile like an idiot and giggle like a school girl who's first crush just let me borrow their pencil.

But you know, on the outside I just laughed and said, "hey Nialler. And why are you calling me a princess?"

I could see Niall smile and blush out of the corner of my eye.

"Cause you're a princess to me."

Oh dear lord give me strength in my time of need. Okay amen. This boy made me literally weak in the knees.

I laughed lightly and said, "I'm not much of a princess Niall. Seriously, how do I even resemble any sort of princess?"

"Well, you're kind of like Cinderella." Niall said shrugging and continuing to blush.

I thought about that for a minute. Yep, okay I guess he's got that right. Except my dad was like my even step-mom and step-sisters all in one. But I've never been to a party before or a ball for that matter.

"Whatever you say Horan." I replied smiling at him.

I looked into the main room to find only Liam and Louis still watching tv.

"Hey Li!" I yelled to him.


"Where'd the other guys go? I need their plates to wash."

"Hold on...." I heard Liam mumble ass he came into the kitchen holding two more plates.

"Thanks, just put them in Niall's sink." I said.

Liam did and just walked back to the couch with clear sleep still in his eyes.

"You put those in my sink so you didn't have to wash them didn't you?" Niall said finally realizing what was my plan. He was standing there with his hands on the edge of the counter looking intently at the dishes.

"Yup." I replied popping the 'p'.

I laughed until something cold hit my arm.

I turned to face Niall who was smirking at me and had bubbles in his hands.

"Oops." Niall said mocking Harry from earlier.

"Horan you shouldn't have done that." I said laughing as I dipped my hand into a pile of bubbles and threw them at his face.

"Oops." I said mocking Niall with an innocent look on my face.

Niall's P.O.V.

I had originally decided to help Nicole with the dishes because I thought we could just talk and get to know each other. I didn't know it was going to evolve into a whole war.

I had bubbles all in my hair and all over my face.

I wiped my eyes so I could see Nicole.

She was trying not to laugh when she said "Oops." And had an adorable innocent look on her face.

"Your gonna get it Paaayynnnneee." I said grabbed more soap and exaggerating her new last name.

She shrieked as I threw more bubbles at her. We both whee laughing when she get the sinks hose. I forgot they had those.

I had my hands up in defense looking at her, "You wouldn't..." I said.

"Oh Niall," she said teasingly, "I SO would."

She pushed the little trigger on the hose and water sprayed me. I let it hit hoping it would wash some soap off of me but it just made me have even more bubbles.

When Nicole stopped she was on the floor laughing hard.

"Oh , so you think this is funny?" I asked gesturing to my bubble covered body.

Nicole couldn't speak through her laughs so she just shook her head yes.

I couldn't help it. Her laugh was contagious so I just decided to join her.

After we both finished laughing we just sat there on the now soapy kitchen floor.

I looked at Nicole and asked, "so you want a hug?"

I saw her big brown eyes get bigger as she smiled and shook her head no, "hell no Horan. Don't touch me."

She started to get up but I beat her to it. I picked her up the way I did when she said yes to go on a date with me.

Her surprised shriek and laughs filled the air as I twirled her around.

"Niall! Put me down!" She yelled.

"Whatever you say princess." I said dropping her to the ground.

"Really Niall? That wasn't nice!" She said looking up at me laughing.

"Awwww I'm sorry." I reached a hand out to help her up and she took it. But she pulled me back onto to kitchen flor with her into a pool of soap.

I had to spit some bubbles out of my mouth before I said, "what the heck Nic?!"

Nicole was too busy laughing at me to answer.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GUYS DO?!" Liam appeared in the kitchen screaming and shocked at what we did.

The kitchen was covered in bubbles and we really didn't even clean half of the dishes.

Liam's scream made Nicole stop laughing and stare up at Liam biting her lip to keep from laughing.

"Cleaning." Nicole stated simply as she shrugged her shoulder.

Liam looked at me to her until he let out a sigh and ran his hand through his hair. "Clean this up Niall."

"What? Why just me? Your sister helped in this mess you know?" I yelled before he could walk away.

"Fine. Nicole, he cleans the kitchen then and you finish the dishes." And then Liam was gone.

Nicole started to laugh again as soon as he was gone, "he's funny when he's mad." She spat out between laughs.

I joined with her laughing and said, "yeah, I know."

We started to clean up the kitchen and dishes as we talked more about anything that happened to pop up.

I could talk about anything with Nicole. She was such an easy person to be around and she was always so carefree. Her personality was great and she was beautiful. Something told me that our date was going to be amazing.

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