Something Great

Nicole has grown up in North America on the East coast ever since she was born. She had long brown hair that met the middle of her back and brown/caramel eyes. Her life was pretty good in America. Good grades and she was in a great school. But when she turned 13 everything changed. Her dad got fired from his job. It has always been just her and her dad. Her mom took her brother to some place she was never told about when she was born. Nicole never knew why she wasn't aloud to know though. Nicole was taken to London when she found out her father got fired. He said something about a new start. He had a terrible new start. Her father used to be loving and caring but ever since he got fired he got into drugs, cigarettes, alcohol; the works. Nicole has worked multiple jobs ever since her dad has started all this. She has to pay for everything he wants. When her father goes over the edge one night and sends Nicole out onto the streets, what will happen to her? Will she ever be happy? Will a certain guy come into the picture?


13. chapter 13

Chapter 13

Nicole's P.O.V.

Liam's my brother. I can't believe it. I sat there in shock looking at the desk top.

"Wow, okay, is there a mistake? Oh, no there isn't. Well I can say that you both look alike." Said Ms.Matins looking from the screen to me.

"You're mother name is Karen and she lives in Wolverhampton. You may visit them whenever. If you don't want to, that's okay. You have a reason." She continued.

I nodded my head slowly still shocked at that the famous, as in boy band famous, sitting out in the waiting room is my brother.

"Okay that's all I have. I'm sorry I don't have more but I'm sure if you go to your mom she could answer more questions you have." She said and stood up from the desk, "and I'm very sorry about your loss of your father."

"Thank you. Thank you for um, telling me about my family. Do you think you could print off what was on the computer?" I asked pulling my eyes away from the desk.

Ms. Matins nodded and quickly printed the papers off.

I put the papers with my other files and followed Ms. Matins back out to the waiting room.

All the boys where there sitting down either on their phones or talking to each other. Niall saw me come in first. He gave me his perfect smile and stood up.

I didn't respond. I couldn't respond. Liam is my big brother. I can't believe it.

"Are you okay?" Niall said worried when he saw me.

"Liam'smybrother." I blurted it out so fast I didn't think that they understood me.

"What?" Louis, Zayn , and Harry said at the same time turning off their phones.

Lima started at me with big eyes and his moth hanging open.

I cleared my throat and said it slower this time, "Liam's my older brother."

The guys didn't say anything. They just looked at me. I handed Lima the files and he took them and quickly opened it up.

His eyes skimmed the page as fast as he could. He turned his eyes to mine.

This guy's my brother. He's the boy my mother took away from me when I was born. He was supposed to be my best friend.

Liam pushed the files into Niall's hand who was standing dumbfounded next to him. He pulled me into a hug.

We stood the for awhile until he pulled away and smiled, "you wanna meet your mom?"

"You're okay with it?" I was shocked. Again.

"Yeah, we can drive there and I will get to know my long lost sister that I never knew I had. This will be fun!"

I laughed and looked at the other guys who where just smiling at me. I smiled right back. Lima turned to Ms. Matins and said, "thank you very much miss."

"No problem Mr.Payne. Glad I could help." She replied smiling at him and then training her eyes back to her computer.

"This is awesome!" Harry explained once we where walking to the car.

"I know," Louis added opening his car door, "now she can stay with us forever!"

I laughed at their excitement. I still couldn't believe it! I have a brother! And a mom! This is amazing!

"C'mon Nicole Payne, come sit in the back with Niall." Zayn teased Niall and I saw Niall go red.

"No. She's sitting up front with me. And none of you can date her. Nope. No one can date my little sister." Liam said firmly standing between me and Niall.

Liam and Niall didn't have much of a height difference but right now Liam seemed to tower over Niall.

Niall's mouth hung open while he frowned. His eyes went from looking at Liam to meeting my eyes.

This isn't what I wanted. I mean, I'm in love with the idea of having a protective older brother that cares about me, but I really like Niall.

All the boys went quiet as they waited for Niall to say something. Niall continued to look at me. I was getting uncomfortable to be honest. I bit the inside of my lip again.

Liam noticed my nervousness and he said, "we'll talk about this later." And with that we got in the car.

Louis sat on Niall again. It wasn't as funny as before though.

Liam pulled up behind the the hotel again and stopped the car.

"Alright lads, me and Nicole are going to get lunch. You guys go find something else to eat. We gotta talk." Liam said looking back at the boys.

The guys got out and started to walk inside but Niall stopped at Liam window and asked, "when do you think you will be home?"

He was asking Liam but he was looking at me.

Liam looked between Niall and me and sighed. "We'll be home before 3 Niall, don't worry."

Niall nodded and smiled at me as he backed away and followed Zayn into the hotel.

Liam started the car and pulled out onto the street again, "so, we're siblings."

"Yeah," I said, "I gotta say we look alike."

Liam laughed, "definitely. Our eyes are alike."


Liam also added smiling at me, "and we both can sing."

"Well yeah but you're soooo much better. I mean, you're in a world famous boy band. I just play at the park."

"Well you should play at all the biggest stadiums in the world."

I laughed lightly and said, "thanks Li, but I think I'm not that good."

Liam rolled his eyes and smiled. "Shut up you're amazing."

"Mhm okay whatever, so where are we going?"

"Just to this little café that the guys and I always like to go to when we come to London."

I forgot that they move around this they are WORLD famous.

"Oh yeah right okay."

We kind of just rode along in silence for awhile until Liam cleared his throat, "So, about you and Niall, um, you have that Ed Sheeran concert date tomorrow with him. I've always been protective of my family. I want you to know that I only care about you and I don't want you to get hurt like your last boyfriend. I would really like it if you didn't go on a date with him."

No. How could he do this? I get that he wants to "protect" me but I really, really like Niall. I want to go on this date with him.

"Niall won't hurt me. I know he won't. He's different and sweet and really kind and cute and he cares about me and he makes me happy when I'm around him. Why don't you trust him? Aren't you guys like brothers?"

"Well of course he's like a little brother to me. And I do trust him. With my life even. Just not my little sisters heart."

"Liam, look, you don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine with Niall. He would never hurt me. I can tell he's nothing like my last boyfriend. Please Liam let me go on this date with him."

I was practically begging at this point. Liam continued to look out the front windshield as I water for his answer.

"Fine you can go on this date with him."

"Oh my god thank you so much Liam I pro-"

"Hold on I'm not done. I'm going to let go on this date with him but you need to be careful. I know Niall will look after you but I don't want you to get hurt. Another thing, if he lays a hand on you I'm going to knock his teeth out. Got it?"

"Of course." Okay, that "got it" just made this legit serious.

Liam nodded and glanced over at me. He smiled.

"You really like him don't you?"

"Are you kidding me? Of course! He's so sweet to me, he's really cute, and he's pretty funny actually, and-"

I stopped my rant because I heard Liam starting to laugh at me.

"Shut up Payne." I said while I blushed and hit his arm.

"Sorry. It's just, you're very passionate about it." Liam said trying to contain himself.

I rolled my eyes as Liam parked that car and we got out.

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