I hate that I love you!1

okay so my names ashley lynn. im not a belieber! oh and my dad may be scooter braun. actually i hate justin but i love his music. soo yeah im a confusing person!


1. The begining

ashleys p.o.v.

Hey im ashley lynn but mostly eveybody calls me ashley. I am 17 years old. Which means I'm in my sophomore year in high school. My mom died when I was 11 and my dad decided to move us to Hollywood because of his job. Oh yeah by the way he's kinda sorta Justin Bieber's manager. I've known him since he first signed with pacific records and in my opinion he has always been a stuck up little rich boy.

   It was 6:07 in the morning when I heard our door bell being obsessively rung." Really?!" I moaned my voice thick with sleep. After about ten minutes the ringing didn't stop so I decided to handle it. My long curly brown hair was mostly still in the bun on top of my head. My shorts were the pajama type and really short. And my shirt was just a camisole. But I went for the annoying door bell ringer. I swung open the down stairs door and glared." What the hell Justin. Why are you here at...6 in the fucking morning!?" I said pulling the door closed behind me." Well miss potty mouth your dad told me to come over cause he and I have to talk about something." He said smiling at me." Come in." I said not wanting to argue with him so early in the morning. He followed me into the house and I immediately smelled something good." You smell really good." I said watching him plop down on the couch. I inspected him. His light brown hair looked good messy the only way I thought it looked good. And his light brown eyes were to die for." Hey ally come here for a minute." He said using that annoying nickname he made up." Why?" I asked right when he snapped the picture.

   "I know you did not just do what I think you just did." I said my blue/green eyes shining bright with anger." And I did. But I'll delete it if you give me a hug. If not I'll post it on instagram." He said smiling. I decided to just try and snatch his phone away from him but was unsuccessful. Now Justin is a good 6'5 and I'm 5'5 so when he stood up and held the phone above his head I should have quit. I got on my tippie toes and used hits shoulder to steady my self a little. Suddenly his arm dropped down and both of them wrapped around my waist." Get the hell off of me Justin." I said. But his grip only tightened on me and he pulled me closer. Now our bodies were touching and I was really feeling some type of way." Nope I think I like it this way." " Put her down Justin. You are here strictly on business. And you might not want to let that picture leak. That will have the paparazzi on both of your asses." My dad said saving me from him. Justin sighed but did as he was told. I glared at him and walked off to my room. I seamed to be doing a whole lot glaring this morning. You see I am probably the most indecisive person you could ever meet. It took me forever to figure out if I was gonna wear my blue converses with my gray off the shoulder shirt. In the end I ended use wearing the off the shoulder shirt with my blue converses and some black shorts. After I finished my shower I decided to let my hair dry and give it self a natural look." Daddy!" I yelled taking the stairs 2 at a time." I'm going out to meet Sequoyah and I'll only be gone for like an hour."" Hold it! I need to talk to you about my trip to Chicago." He said stopping me in my tracks." Well what is it?" I asked." Well. Its just that you're a minor and so you aren't allowed to be left alone for a long period of time so... I was thinking that Justin could stay with you." He said in a voice that meant that this was not up for a discussion." Don't you think that that's a pretty bad idea considering that fact that we're TEENAGERS." Justin said with his eyebrows raised. I knew what he was hinting at. And there was no way in hell that I was ever having sex with Justin Bieber.

     "I'm not worried about that because I trust you guys." My dad said. And by you guys he really meant me." Don't be gross. You know that's highly unlikely unless you drug me and I don't think even that would work." I said texting Sequoyah." Please! You KNOW that you like me. There's no point in trying to hide it. I saw it in your eyes earlier before your dad came downstairs." " There is a difference between affection and irritation Justin." I said. But there must be some thing wrong with me because all of a sudden I think of him as cute and funny and adorable. Damn I need help." I don't think I'm in the mood to go out anymore dad so I'm going to go and... Yeah bye." I said awkwardly." Wait ally come with me to go pick up Austin from the airport please." Justin said. WTF?! Did he just say please?" Ummm...sure." I mumbled walking out to Justin's car. Today it was dark green Bentley." Don't forget your sunglasses and a hoodie just in case those vultures sure there." I said in a normal tone. But was soon drowned out by his sexy voice singing along to one of his new singles. I turned down the radio a little bit and starred out the window. What the hell was wrong with me?

      We drove in silence for a long time until we reached the airport." Which departure terminal are we waiting for him at?" I asked quickly putting on a hoodie." He frowned." You no I can still recognize you? Here put this on." He said handing me one of his extra hoodies from the backseat." Are you okay because your all of a sudden being nice to me and its kinda weird." I said cautiously taking the orange hoodie. Justin rolled his eyes." Well, if you must know. I thought that maybe if I was a little nicer to you then you'd be a little nicer to me." He didn't like the way he was treating me? I put the the hoodie on to give myself time to think about what I should say. It smelled just like him and damn did he smell good." I'm only mean to you because you act like your better than everyone else." I said pulling the hood over my head." Come one he's at gate 717." Justin said checking his text messages." Okay." I mumbled stepping out of the car." You know you didn't have to come with me right?" Justin smiled." What if I wanted to come?" I said pushing him a little. For the first time in forever I think me and Justin were actually getting along. He gentle pushed me back and then it turned to war.

    I playfully punched him in the shoulder and he grabbed my arm and tickled me until I cried." Do you give up?" He asked hold both my hands in one of his so I couldn't run away. My back was up against his chest and he was talking close to my ear. If I was on the outside looking in, I would've thought that we were the perfect couple. Except we're not. We're not even together. He continued to tickle me until I was like," Okay! I give up." We were both breathing so hard from so much laughing that we barley even noticed that Austin was sitting there waiting for us to get there." What's up man." Austin said slapping Justin up. I hung back a little to give them time to catch up with each other. As you know Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone are like best friends. They are just like me and Sequoyah. They do everything together. Anyway Austin has like the biggest crush on me so I was a little cautious when I said hi." Umm...hey Austin." I said." Hey baby. I've been waiting to see you since I got on the plane." He said smiling in a creepy way." OK can we leave now Justin I really need to go meet Sequoyah." I lied. Justin raised his eyebrow at me but nodded. This was going to be a long day.

    "You like him." My best friend Sequoyah said after I told her about Justin and I. I blushed be cause it was a big possibility." Oh yeah you definitely like him." She smiled." Don't be stupid. Just because I think he's cute and funny and hot and...okay I might have a problem." I said in a serious voice. Did I just admit that I have a crush on Justin? Oh, shit.

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