I hate that I love you!1

okay so my names ashley lynn. im not a belieber! oh and my dad may be scooter braun. actually i hate justin but i love his music. soo yeah im a confusing person!



Justins p.o.v.

"You almost told her?!" I yelled to austin. he clearly didnt understand why i was being so secretive about this. " yeah she even hit me when i went to talk to her." he siad rubbing the side of his face. " damn! im gonna need you to not talk to her anymore." i said running my hands through my hair. if my belibers knew that i liked ashley, they would go bat shit crazy and possibly try to kill her. "hey i was just trying to help you." austin said raising his hands in defense. we were at my house packing so i could stay at scooters place. i was seriously nervous about this! ive been pretending to hate ashley for years now and i dont think i can do it anymore. its killing me.

a= ashley    j= justin

j: me and austin are on our way

a: okay... i dont want austin in my house

j: lol why?

a: he's wierd im leavin the door unlocked so jus come on in

j: kk



A/N: OK this one may be a little bit boring but its only thie filler so please comment me ideas and im looking for a coauthor for my next story! BYYEEEE ILY <3 BABESSS!!!

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