I hate that I love you!1

okay so my names ashley lynn. im not a belieber! oh and my dad may be scooter braun. actually i hate justin but i love his music. soo yeah im a confusing person!


4. Should I?

Ashley P.O.V.

I don't know if I like Justin or not but  think I am starting to do. I mean it seems to me that we was flirting and I got scared. I don't even go to school so why would I take tests! If Justin knew that I didn't even go to school he would flip!

Even celebrities have private tutors! Come on! So to continue if he did liked me, did I liked him? Wait why am I starting to picture me and him in sex positions?! Suddenly I heard 8 knocks on the door.

Me: Urg! Why 8 knocks and not 7 like my favorite number Austin!

Austin: Because I want to see how annoyed you get and try to hurt me.

Me: I should make your lip bleed for that one.

Austin: Or you want someone to make you------

Me: Austin!

Austin: What! Just stating the facts

Me: Ok so why are you here anyway?

Austin: to see what you are up to

Me: Ha ha very funny. But really, why?

Austin: I have top secret news to tell you and you can't tell anyone, promise?

Me: Why?

Austin: Do you!

I punched him and his lip.

Austin: Ouch!

Me: That what's you get you little b*tch

Austin: Hey! Fine but don't hit me anymore

Me: Kay (giggling)

Austin backed away a little from me first.

Me: So what is it!! (angrily)

Austin: So I heard that-----


A/N: Ok to hear what happens in the next chapter I need more comments please. I will no publish anymore until I get an acceptable number of comments! I do not care how many views but comments ppl please!

P.S- Please check out D-Girl story called Why Me?! by D-Girl.

Thank you and love you all!



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