I hate that I love you!1

okay so my names ashley lynn. im not a belieber! oh and my dad may be scooter braun. actually i hate justin but i love his music. soo yeah im a confusing person!


2. revealed

Justin I don't know how to say this but I like Ashley. I mean I have liked her for like 5 years." Austin what the hell am I going to do? She hates me but it seems like lately she's been being nice and...shit I'm so confused." I complained to my best friend Austin Mahone." Dude I told you to just let me have her and then you won't have to worry about how she feels. Cause she'll be with me." Austin said." Don't even play like that. I'm serious about this. I -i-i think I love her." I said not meaning to say it out loud. Austin's face dropped and his mouth formed an o shape." How do you know its for real this time. I mean you said the same thing about Selena and look where you guys ended up. If something was to happen with you and Ashley her dad could kick your ass." "Good moral support." I said in a stressed voice. Speaking of her dad, he just texted me. Him: I'm leaving for Chicago in two hours so get packed and head over to my house.


Me: OK is Ashley already there?


Him: No why are you asking about her?


Me: No reason jus wanted to no


Him: I know you like her so don't do anything stupid


Me: Yes sir


Was I really that obvious? What's really weird is that Ashley doesn't even know." Dude I gotta go." I said to Austin." OK man just don't do anything stupid." That was the second time today I heard that phrase. I'll try my best not to fuck anything up.


I went home and packed up a couple of suit cases and then headed over to Ashley's house. The only reason I ring the doorbell is because I know how much it bothers Ashley so when I walked up the stairs all I did was repeatedly press the button nonstop." God Justin! Don't you have anything else better to do with your life than harass me?" She said opening the door. Actually, I did and that's why I was gonna annoy her the whole time I had to stay. I know that that makes no sense since I just said I liked her. But hey love comes in funny forms." Why do you still have my hoodie on?" I asked her raising my eyebrow. “um, it just that it is comfty and soft,” she said holding her head in embarrassment. “okay, but I can see you blushing”I replied. “wait what!” she screamed.“I’m so sorry but I um… got to study for a big test tomorrow!” she quickly scattered away. I can’t believe I just said that to her!


A/N: im sorry i havent been able to  update latley. ive been javing writers block. DONT HATE ME! also ive been a little sick and hope tp get better soon. later babbiess!


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