Eva's scars

I really suck at summeries but i try..

Eva is a human girl, howver she has a past she cannot remember but she is not human. A guy who is a demon saves her from her demon hater village. And they move to a co-village for demons and humans.

There slowly secrets surface and everything becomes clear slowly who and what she is. Will she be able to fit in and naybe find love?


1. Rice Cakes

Before you start reading, a few inportant points...

This story is fanfiction.

Eva looks like a 14 year old.

Story procees very slow, but its chapters are not too long.

Eva sat on the swing watching parents proudly praise their children, not Eva. Eva scored the highes but nobody praised her. Eva was not here, yet she felt their glances. Eva glanced at the exam board one last time before she stood up. dusking off her brown shorts and walked out the school grounds.

Eva walked though her village passing HER rich cake shop, snaching a few with her as snack. Yes, everyday Eva stole her 5 rice cakes and watched people walk by. She glanced back seeing the old store lady look at her with a sad expression, pity. But she liked this old lady the most, she sometimes smiled at Eva.

Eva looked away with a grunt, stuffing her face with rice cakes. She walked of to a bench across the rice cake shop. Lazily she sat down and watched the people do their routine.

What was not in the routine was the strange hooded stranger at HER rice cake shop. Strangers were very unuasal here. Eva growled outloud when the man showed intrest in HER rice cake shop. Just thinking about rice cake made her stomach growl again. Slowly she crept across to the shop, scanning the bows and plates with different tasted for her favorite. Chocolade rice crackers or cake. She stared at the bowl, rememering she already had five today.

"Little one.." The old lady called out with a smile. Slowly and carefully she aprouched eva, in her hands a plate with mini rice cakes. "Want one?"

Eva stared at the woman, not understanding why she offerd her food. Eva was at loss what to do, this was not in her routine. Each day she would eat five rice cakes and fish she caugh from the rivier. That was all, not more or less.

A few second eva stared at the woman before taking a step back, ready to walk out. Just as she was about to turn on her feet the lady called again.

"Little fox.." She called out, gentle and soft. "Thats what she called you right?"

I hoped you guys did enjoy! But its just starting, keep READING! I promise it will be funny and sad and touch your heart.

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