In the Wind

Walking Dead AU. He first sees her in the forest one day, and helps her. I am not totally following the story. I'll try to make the story as original as possible, Daryl/OC. Main Character is Carie, (Cuh-ree), as well as Marie, and Daryl, obviously.


1. Chapter One

She was standing there, hair billowing in the wind. The man, Daryl, stepped closer. She didn't notice, as she was staring off into the distance. The girl looked to be searching for something. Suddenly, she tensed, crouching down to the wet, mossy ground. Her eyes narrowed, causing him to follow her glare.

There, in the distance, was a huge bear. The girl bowed her head, seemingly thanking the animal, before quickly drawing her black knife. She didn't hesitate, throwing the sharp object end over end, landing in the bear's throat. The black mass of fur froze before falling back with a thud. The girl raced forward, pulling her now bloody weapon from the carcass. Daryl shook himself out of his stupor, walking closer, crossbow raised.




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