Breaking the chains

A girl, just like you, until she was taken, slipped away, unnoticed. She was supposed to be on a date. It was supposed to be the best night of her life... Until the night captured her and held her slave...


16. tunnels

The mouldy stench filled my nose, it was dank and dirty but that just motivated to move faster. I almost slipped over on the wet moss beneath my feet. All that could be heard was our footsteps and rapid breathing, both in sync. To afraid to ask questions i just followed closely behind Peter. Praying that nobody would find us. Of course i wished too soon. I began to hear shouts coming from down the tunnels. A faint glow was coming off of the walls. Peter turned back and his eyes were filled with terror. He mouthed the word run and that was all I needed. Like a jet i set off, my aching bones faded to a dull numbness as the adrenaline kicked in. I couldn't go back there, not again. We carried on running down the tunnel, as we turned a corner I heard a cry from behind me as Peter slipped. I didn't turn round, I carried if he makes it, he makes it. It doesn't matter to me. As i approached a dead end I saw a tunnel up to the left, i grabbed into the slime and pulled myself up. Barely managing it but i slithered into the tiny hole, there was no way the henchman could fit. It was there I sat and waited, to see what would happen next, to see if Peter would make it.

What next came across my eyes was a body being thrown against the wall. Peter fell to the ground, dressed in his blood. "Where is she!?" The henchman erupted the words out of his black lungs. His hairy fist picked up Peter and punched his face, I heard the crack of his nose break. "I'll say it again, where is she?" Peter stammered "I..I don't know she was right there I followed her it's not my fault." The man went to strike him again. "But I know where she lives, I can tell you." Three loud bangs then put an end to his treachery. Two for the men and one for Peter. I managed to get the big bullies in the head but Peter, it hit his shoulder. He growled in pain as I jumped down with my gun pointing towards him. "You lied, I don't know why I believed you for a second time. But this is it." With that his weary eyes looked into mine, a piece of me changed that day, for as a took the life of Peter, I felt no remorse, no sorrow for his family, no longing for the boy I once loved, all I felt was sweet achievement. I grabbed his pack and his clothes then jumped through the gap and went on through the tunnel. A new me facing the future.

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