Breaking the chains

A girl, just like you, until she was taken, slipped away, unnoticed. She was supposed to be on a date. It was supposed to be the best night of her life... Until the night captured her and held her slave...


5. the big house

I was shoved into a door and listened intently as I heard the rattle of keys jingling as somebody fumbled to find the right key whislt they tried to hastily open the door. The smell of urine and drugs was like a smack in the face. Vomit mixed in along with the dirt into the toxic smell. I was led up some stairs into a what felt like a small, stuffy room. The blind fold was harshly tugged off and I almost screamed as the duct tape was ripped from my mouth - but I would not give them that pleasure. I was pushed into a mattress like bed tht looked old and worn. As I turned to look at my captor he vanished out of the room. In his place was Peter. I lunged at him but he shoved me onto the floor, pinning down my wrist with his legs and his arm against my throat.

That was when he asked me the deadly question ..."do you know why you are here?" I shook my head as much as I could with the little room I had obtained. I was about I find out what my nightmare would become. He then released me and shoved me against the bed.

Quickly disappearing and re-emerging he shoved a pair of lacy, provocative underwear onto the floor. He said you have two minutes. I asked him if he would turn around or leave, his eyes glinted with evil pleasure as he replied "no." I then turned as I slowly got changed into the clothes. I knew resistance was pointless. He almost read my thoughts as he said "comply and then maybe, we won't have to drug you." If I wasn't going to escape, being stoned wouldn't help. I turned round as I was changed to an unnerving wolf whistle from Peter. He said to me that we would start off easy. With only one client at a time.

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