Breaking the chains

A girl, just like you, until she was taken, slipped away, unnoticed. She was supposed to be on a date. It was supposed to be the best night of her life... Until the night captured her and held her slave...


13. he's back

I ran backwards to the window screaming Peter's name as the door creaked open. Why did I want Peter's help?! He betrayed me. He flipping betrayed me. But he was the only face I knew and he might be able to stop what was going on. A large man stepped inside. He walked over to me and I began to shy away. He pulled a familiar sack out of his pocket and I started to cry. Not being phased by this he placed it over my head and darkness over came me.

I was led off of the boat for what I could tell and to a small boat. Row boat by the pace we were moving. The splash of the oars caused water to spray onto my body. Goosebumps rose on my flesh underneath the thin silken gown. After waiting what felt like hours a crunch and dead stop told me the boat had landed a shore. Very soon after I was jerked upright and marched onto the land. My feet fumbled on the stones as I treaded up the bank. Where we were going?! If he was going to help me then why would I need to be blindfolded?! Maybe he wanted me back to the house. To rape me again. Well I wouldn't let him. Quickly I spun around and kicked my leg up. I was lucky and managed to hit that soft spot between the legs. Bullseye. I ran up the beach and tried to undo the rope around my hands, just as I was about to pull off the sack a body shoved me into the ground and the gravel was ingrained into my face. As I writhed stones cut into my skin and blood started to flow. With a knee in my back a low voice whispered I my ear "don't even think about trying that again." I felt the coolness of a blade pressed against back as I stood up. We walked from now on with it pressed against my throat. This frightening venture went on until we reached some kind of building...

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