Breaking the chains

A girl, just like you, until she was taken, slipped away, unnoticed. She was supposed to be on a date. It was supposed to be the best night of her life... Until the night captured her and held her slave...


6. client number 1

I asked who the first 'client' was. I was disgusted when I found out who. His voice cut like a knife when he said it would be him. The man I had trusted, had loved... He betrayed me and now I had to serve him. Was I supposed to dance for him? Strip for him? The thought of giving him the pleasure made my blood boil.

I only realised what was actually going to happen when he moved closer to me. He removed his t-shirt to reveal his built up chest. A large scar spread across from the left shoulder to the abdomen - how had I never noticed that? I froze as he held me, my body rigid in his grasp. He told me to relax, he said he would teach me how to work.

His voice had turned seductive. I almost fell for it. Part of me believed it wasn't real. Believed I could trust him still. I pressed into him as he pressed into me but when I felt the skin on skin contact I remembered where I was and what he had done. I tried to pull away but he pulled me in tighter. He exclaimed with almost a laugh " I don't think you understand, you don't have a choice. This is what you do now, i'm gonna train you, and you have to succumb. Or do you want to be drugged?" I shook my head, I didn't want to be drugged at all - but I didn't want to partake in this. Either he felt compassion for my decision or liked the idea of me struggling, he didn't call for the drugs, he just shoved me onto the bed. Sat on top of me he moved his hands up my torso. He face plunged into mine. The passionate fire I had felt once before was gone with the pure fear of what he would do next.

He grabbed my hands and shoved them onto his belt. His voice was heavy and commanding. "Undo." Just that one word was all that was needed. Slowly, shaking I undid his belt. I couldn't believe it was happening. His hands went wondering again. Up into my chest and there they stayed, I felt violated, unclean. Little did I know it would only get worse. He instructed me to remove his pants. I slid them down from my body and ended on my knees.him towering over me. He lunged forward and I was pinned down on the floor. He lay on top of me and continued further down this path. I couldn't believe he was enjoying this. How could he enjoy this? He kept on going further and further. I worry started in my mind. What if I got pregnant? Why would I do with the child? Theses thoughts plagued my mind. When I asked whether protection was being used he just laughed as though it was a game. He forced me to continue I tried to close my eyes and imagine it wasn't happening. The rest of the night he stayed and moved forward. I wanted to die. This was horrible. But it was only just the beginning...

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