Breaking the chains

A girl, just like you, until she was taken, slipped away, unnoticed. She was supposed to be on a date. It was supposed to be the best night of her life... Until the night captured her and held her slave...


12. an unexpected visit

A punch to the face left me shaking on the floor. I could feel the bruise starting to well up on my skin. Violently I was jerked back up into the air and I felt a tingling sensation against my breath and ear when my captor spoke gruffly to me. "Keep your mouth shut, speak again an it'll be worse than a punch." Nodding quickly he shoved me into a separate room. I curled up into a ball and rocked myself to sleep.

A gentle tapping to the window woke me up. There was a small pane of glass, not large enough to fit through above me head. I looked up and saw Peter staring at me. I almost screamed but didn't want to alert the guard. I yelled as quietly as I could - "What are you doing here?!" He said he couldn't explain but just to hang in there and everything will be all right. He was sending someone to pick me up. Pick me up?! What was that supposed to mean? I don't want him to pick me up! Then just as I was about to protest some more I heard a gun shot outside. I rushed to the door to see if could hear anything. I was greeted by the thud of my guards body impacting against the door and his blood splatting on the metal...

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