The Father To Her Child

Hi my name is Kelsey,
I am 17 & have a daughter
Her fathers left me when I was 7 months pregnant with her

He just happens to be the one and only Justin Drew Bieber


5. two

Justin's POV

The next day I helped kels move hers and Maria's stuff in and then we all went out for lunch

J- I love you kels

K-I love you to jay

And then we kissed

Jazzys POV

I was at home babysitting Maria while justin took Kelsey out. This will do me good because here is one thing no one knows not even justin I was rapped a little over a month ago and I am pregnant and plan on keeping my child.

On the phone to Kane ( boyfriend)

Jazzy-hey baby * crying*

Kane- what's wrong baby

Jazzy- I-i g-ot r-r-rap-p-ped-d an-n-d n-n-ow-w-w I-I-I-im p-p-p-pregnan-n-n-nt

Kelsey's POV

Justin and I walked in when his sister was on the phone

Jazzy-I-i g-ot r-r-rap-p-ped-d an-n-d n-n-ow-w-w I-I-I-im p-p-p-pregnan-n-n-n

Whoever was on the phone- *hangs up*

Justin's POV

Justin- jazzy why didn't you tell me ?

Jazzy- I was to scared to tell you

Justin- are you certain you are pregnant

Jazzy- well no but I am pretty sure I am*starts crying*

Justin- shhh baby everything is gonna be alright and I love you and if you are pregnant do you want to keep the baby

Jazzy- I love you to and yes I do

Justin- okay you get some rest

Kelsey- I will lay down with her for a little while okay jay?

Justin- okay baby I love yous both no matter what

Kels & jaz in union- I love you to * both start laughing*

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