The Father To Her Child

Hi my name is Kelsey,
I am 17 & have a daughter
Her fathers left me when I was 7 months pregnant with her

He just happens to be the one and only Justin Drew Bieber


4. chapter 1

Kelsey's POV

I just finished my morning routine, and went and got dressed in this:

Then Maria started crying so I went and fed her and dressed her in this: and we got in the car & went to the park

I was sitting on the swing with Maria when I seen the face I never wanted to see again with a girl around the age of 14

I want him to be in his daughters life because when she starts to talk she will ask about him

Justin's POV

I was at the park with my little sister jazzy and I seen her and what I believe is my daughter I walked up to her and hugged he and to my surprise she hugged back

K- hey justin

J- hey kels

K- why did you leave us ? *starts to cry*

J- come back to my house with me and I will tell you

K- is that you jazzy you have gotten so big and

Even more beautiful

Jaz- thankyou can I hold Mari ?

K- when we get back to your place

At Justin's house

K-justin why did you leave us

J-because well when you where 7 months pregnant I got a text that said I had one month to leave you or they will kill you and Mari

K- really why though

J- I don't know maybe jelouse

K- I want us to get back together but not to live together ?

J- okay baby


Jaz- awww yay use are back together

M- mumma

K- jay she just said her first word

J- awww

K- I betta get going Mari needs to go to bed

J- she has a room her

Jaz- yeah He done it after he left because he knew yous would get back together

K- aww that's so sweet

J- well you know how I do *winks*

Hey guys I know there is only one chapter but do you like it need feedback to keep going and like some ideas to ?

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