The Father To Her Child

Hi my name is Kelsey,
I am 17 & have a daughter
Her fathers left me when I was 7 months pregnant with her

He just happens to be the one and only Justin Drew Bieber


6. 3

2 months later

Jazzys POV

I found out I was pregnant and life is pretty good I guess I am finding out the sex of my baby today OMG I'm exited Kelsey and Peyton are coming with me only a couple of more hours now I'm so nervous

On the photo to Peyton*

P: hey

Jaz: hey

P:only two more hour you exited

Jaz: hella yes


Kels: jazzy we have to go to the shop and get baby food for Mari

Jaz: okay can we pick Payton up on the way

Kels. Okay tell her to be ready

Jaz: okay

P: I'm gonna take that as you have to go and I have to get ready xx love you

Jaz: love you to

End of convo*


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