The tales of old with dragons flying always excited Ariela. The stories told around the fire of those who did not fight the dragons but did something greater in deed, they rode them...

What if the tales of old were really not all forgotten, what if the dragons dead to the world were not dead at all, what if they were still out there, watching and waiting for the day to come when a rider would be chosen...


3. when a stone isn't a stone..

I hid the stone inside my tree, nobody ever went there so nobody would find it, inside the centre of the tree was a large nook, wrapping it in my cloak and hiding it there I went home shivering as I walked.

Every night I visited the tree and checked the stone, but one night when the moon was full the glow faded, I feared that there was a problem, maybe it was cold I had no idea, so I carried it home so I could keep an eye on it.

Trudging as quietly as possible with leather boots in sucking mud I went back to the hut. I decided to go around the house to the shed out the back. This was a large shed constructed for me, I made it. I didn't want to live in the main house and my stuff was always in the way so I moved out here. I had everything I needed, there was my bedroom and house all in one place. Placing the stone next to the fire due to the icy coldness it had now attained , I checked to see if the door was locked and then I jumped into my hammock and swung myself to sleep...

Flap flap. Flap flap.

I awoke to leathery wings flapping against my nose, a small breath of warmth bathed my face as I opened my eyes. My pupils enlarged as I beheld what was in front of me. A tiny, red lizard creature, that was breathing fire and flapping it's wings in front of my face! The swirling of red and gold was making me dizzy. Sitting up I looked across the table and saw the stone, cracked in half. Running over I found it to be hollow, this must have been the egg from which the dragon came.

Suddenly, I felt a prickling, yet soft feeling on my neck, I looked to see the dragon nuzzling me affectionately... I was wondering why it was so attached to me when I was distracted by a small cream object, within the egg, it was a folded piece of paper, it looked like it could have been hundreds of years old. I went and opened it..

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