The tales of old with dragons flying always excited Ariela. The stories told around the fire of those who did not fight the dragons but did something greater in deed, they rode them...

What if the tales of old were really not all forgotten, what if the dragons dead to the world were not dead at all, what if they were still out there, watching and waiting for the day to come when a rider would be chosen...


4. the note

~if you are reading this scroll then you are the chosen one, you must read carefully and quickly then destroy this message as they will be looking for you and very soon... They will find you~

The start of this note was giving me chills... What could this mean? I paused for a moment and took a breath, what could this dragon mean? I decided I needed to just read the scroll and then question it...

~in order for you to understand we must start at the beginning, back when this world of Gelantia was created and that is many years ago... At the beginning of time there were many creatures - what you now call mythical creatures such as Hippocami, Manticore's and Dragons, it was said that certain creatures -specifically Dragons- had died out. But other monsters stayed on like the manticore's you know today... ~

A flashback of Cajan hit me, when we stared at his body, the holes and the tears, the poison burned clothes, it was the Manticore that had attacked him, it was the Manticore that had to die.

~in fact, these creatures did not die out, but the riders of the dragons did, for many years the dragons have been waiting for someone worthy to become a rider, a rider is born with the blood of a rider, but, they must be worthy. The blood of the riders almost died out until two parents with traces inside them were together and created a child, the blood of the rider would become their blood and thus give us a rider. We knew that when such a child was born that they must come of age. On the sixteenth birthday of the child they will find an egg, then should it be taken care of will be given their dragon... ~

I was a rider! I had always dreamed of this day! This dragon she as mine! I was her rider! The stories come back to me.. Did my parents know? Were they preparing me for this? I decided to ask them about the blood of the rider once I had finished...

~ you are not the only one, there are several others like you, all with a different dragon. Remember with this power comes great responsibility, of which you will learn when you reach us. You will understand more when you come to us. ~

I wondered who 'they' were, I'm guessing other riders? Why did I need to be with them? Was I in danger? All these questions flowed around my head, I turned to the note. There was only one paragraph left.

~ Now you must make haste. They will be coming soon, they are armed and dangerous, they will stop at nothing and they will kill you. Their aim is to wipe out the riders all together. You must come to us. Your parents will know what we speak of, mention to them the chosen one and they will know, we spoke to them many years ago. Now go. Destroy this...~

Then underneath all of that there was a set of numbers

~726, 439 ~

As I went to unlock the door my parents burst in.

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