The tales of old with dragons flying always excited Ariela. The stories told around the fire of those who did not fight the dragons but did something greater in deed, they rode them...

What if the tales of old were really not all forgotten, what if the dragons dead to the world were not dead at all, what if they were still out there, watching and waiting for the day to come when a rider would be chosen...


13. The family

I brushed my wavy golden hair out of my fiery eyes, they were a deep shade of darkened amber. Unusual and unique. "My name is Ariela, this is my dragon Atu. We are rides of fire." I stopped and found everyone still staring at me, waiting for me to go on. Finally Cah spoke up, "so, go on, tell us how you got here.." I gulped, i didn't want to remember my parents deaths, but i guess they needed to know. "Ok, so it started with me finding my dragon egg.. " I relayed what had happened to me thus far, including the part about my parents. I figured that i could trust these people. "I think an ancestor of mine was a fire rider as my grandad gave me this necklace." I showed them my pendent. Then one by one all of them recached towards their own necks and showed me that they all had pendents too. Camden spoke up "if you look closely, you will see that your dragon is engulfed in your element. Mine is engulfed in wind. Yours will be engulfed in fire." And surely enough my dragon was engulfed in flames, funnily enough i had never noticed it before.

When i looked up again they were smiling at me. "What?" They all started to laugh and Nadeen kindly informed me "they just want to say, welcome to the family." 

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