The tales of old with dragons flying always excited Ariela. The stories told around the fire of those who did not fight the dragons but did something greater in deed, they rode them...

What if the tales of old were really not all forgotten, what if the dragons dead to the world were not dead at all, what if they were still out there, watching and waiting for the day to come when a rider would be chosen...


6. learning to fight

"Powers? What powers?" I asked. My mother explained the riders did not only ride the dragons but harnessed the dragons powers as well. Since Atu was a fire dragon we would harness the powers of fire. Her parents were the children of the sun therefore we would be able to harness heat etc.. It would be very powerful. Thanks to this power we would be resistant to fire and heat, be able to produce fire and use it for ourselves. But, the fire must only be used for good, not evil. That is why the rider must be worthy as I am.

I had to learn to control the powers of fire, to prove something to me, Atu decided to breath fire all over me. Instead of being burnt I merely smelt smokey. I was in awe of everything then, myself, Atu. I stood for a minute before my father brought me back to my senses - instructing me to train.

So I did. I practised with all my might, the first thing I learnt was the connection between me and Atu. We could talk to each other telepathically, she could read my thoughts and I could read hers. It was awesome being able to actually talk to someone I was a part of. Then there was the fire, I could use it to heal and to destroy. When in pain or injured all I had to do was bathe myself in fire and slowly but surely the wound would be healed. These powers were unbelievable. I could control fire. Any fire that was near I could summon. With real strength I could summon fire out of pure nothing. I then learnt that this was because I had help. The fire sprites. They were on our side. They danced along my finger tips that night. My father told me to rest but as I lay against Atu's back my mind wondered of what was to happen next. In only a day Atu had grown large enough for me to ride her. That was tomorrow's lesson. As well as picking a weapon. The scared weapon of fire was the bow. The arrows could breath fire or explode upon impact. I couldn't wait to start...

I awoke to sunlight drifting through the cave. My mother and father were already up and wiring for me. As I very used outside they presented me with my bow and arrows. My mother said to me "we have been waiting many years to give this to you. It was passed down from your ancestor who was a fire dragon rider. That's where your amulet came from." I looked down and fiddled with my amulet. It was a dragon but on close inspecting it was engulfed in flames, it almost looked like a fire dance.. My mothers voice cut into my thinking "these weapons will need the utmost care. The gold plated ivory bow will never miss if you concentrate fully on what you want to accomplish and the ivory good tipped arrows will always refill themselves. Good luck." Along with this came the leather armour.

After suiting up I jumped onto Atu's back and proceeded to take flight but then a noise came from beneath the hill. A growl.. There was a pack of them, ugly Palgons, they were a cross between a wolf like creature and a leopard, deadly fast and agile they were also strong and extremely fierce, they could rip you to shreds in a moment. Atu launched into the air and I string my first arrow. Letting it fly I struck down the first of the six Palgons. Five more to go, dipping and diving I killed four. Trough the battle my parents had disappeared and so had the sixth Palgon. Jumping down from Atu I ventured into the cave. Upon seeing the Palgon I launched a ball of fire, it was vapour used in the spot, but that's when I realised my parents, they were not calling out to me. I found the remains of their carcasses in the floor. A scrawled note written on the floor in blood next to my mothers hand said "go follow the map, it's inside the bow casing. Show it to Atu, she will know where to go, we love you."

With that I grabbed my weapons, as well as my fathers knife and my mothers healing herbs and shoved them into my satchel, I found the rations and collecting them me and Atu flew away... Never to return.

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