The tales of old with dragons flying always excited Ariela. The stories told around the fire of those who did not fight the dragons but did something greater in deed, they rode them...

What if the tales of old were really not all forgotten, what if the dragons dead to the world were not dead at all, what if they were still out there, watching and waiting for the day to come when a rider would be chosen...


12. Introductions

Gathered in a circle was a group of young people and their dragons, we added to the group as we sat down. My Atu curled round in to a sort of semicircle, which provided almost a chair like place for me to sit. I noticed everybody was sat like this. There was a total of five people within the circle, as well as their dragons. To my left was Nadeen, then there was a purple dragon, it's scales cast shadows across it's body. There was a boy, about the same age as all of the rest of us. He had black hair swept across his face, he looks almost sullen until he looked up and smiled, he seemed scary but was actually a happy and kind person. He had a deep voice as he introduced himself. "The is my dragon Maruti, we are riders of the wind. We can control the air. My name is Camden. It is a pleasure to meet you. Before the others introduce themselves allow me to show you who we are, you will find we are all the same age, this is because the age of the dragon riders is dawning again. Our generation is the only one of it's kind." He then paused and allowed the girl next to him to speak. "I am Cahoimhe, you can call me Cah for short, this is my dragon, Minah." She indicated to the green dragon wrapped around her. It was covered in earthy tines and almost blended in with the surroundings. Her voice pierced through my thoughts, but in a warm comforting way. "We are riders of the earth. We control nature and the powers of the earth." She then turned to look at the person next to her. Finally the last dragon was a deep blue colour, with green hues blending in, to create a watery effect. It's rider, had pale skin, dark hair, that looked black but glinted blue when caught by the light, a complete contrast, to the dark tanned girl with curly brown hair before her. She spoke, her voice was commanding yet gentle, like it could be your friend, but turn on you in an instant. "This is Magali, and I am Mairin, or Mai for short. We are riders of the sea, we can control water. Liquid is our field so to speak. It's nice to meet you. Now that we have introduced ourselves to you, you can do the same for us.."



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