The tales of old with dragons flying always excited Ariela. The stories told around the fire of those who did not fight the dragons but did something greater in deed, they rode them...

What if the tales of old were really not all forgotten, what if the dragons dead to the world were not dead at all, what if they were still out there, watching and waiting for the day to come when a rider would be chosen...


14. Attention

We had all engaged in some light conversation when I trumpet blew from afar, Camden, yelled with almost a laugh, "come on lets go!" one by one the riders jumped onto their dragons and flew off, almost sliding off of Atu we hurried along to catch up. As we soared through the air, I yelled "Where are we going?" as if by magic Camden jumped off of his dragon and almost rode the wind over to me. "We are off to go to training, you learn how to fight like with the army but we have a difference, a) we learn with our chosen weapons and b) we also learn to control our elements, a bit like this" and he did a full loop the loop before flying back to Maruti. Flying through the forest we descended low above a river, Mai moved her hands and at her command the water rushed down stream like a stampede of mustangs. I almost missed the giant mountain ahead of us and started to stutter, there wasn't enough time for any of us to pull up, but to my surprise a hole in the earth was created and we flew straight through the mountain, Cah turned back and smiled at me as we exited the other side. That's when I saw it, a large area for training, different terrains as well as archery sites, sword fighting arenas, this had the works. we dropped down near the armory.

I whispered over to Nadeen "don't we need armor" As the other went to grab their weapons. "No, we have special way of healing ourselves, it's better to practice that, than to use armor." I just shrugged and ran to the others. Camden had selected what looked like a wicked looking blade, with a  curved ribbed edge, he had a bunch of throwing stars inside his jacket and two knives by his pants. I found the bow, knives and throwing stars to be standard issue for us riders. after I received mine I turn to Cah to see her bringing out a large war hammer,, she balanced it with such grace on her shoulder. Mai had her bow and spiked mace slinging by her side. I turned to Nadeen who had a spear, that was normal on one side, but a sharp, cool blue blade on the other. "your turn fire rider, choose you weapon" he said to me. I turned to the rack and I was drawn to an ebony blade, fire etched into it's being. Mai laughed, i turned around confused "what?" I queried. She simply smiled and explained. "We knew you were going to pick that, that's how it works, these weapons were all made for us by the first dragon riders, they are enhanced by our powers."

As I loaded up my bow, knives, throwing stars and sheathed my blade, we walked out onto the plains. Nadeem told me that they would take turns leading the practice each day. Today was his turn. "First we are all going to have a go at archery, but not standing still, on the back of your dragon. Trust your companion, it is safe to stand, should you fall they will catch you. Your targets are hidden in the trees, go after the rabbits. Ok, GO!"

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