No One Knows!

Her name was Bella! She was beautiful with dirty blonde hair flowing down her back and bright blue eyes skinny and very talented with her voice! Her parents beat her daily! She always took the razor to her writs, stomach and legs... Could things get worse? Well she meets an amazing guy. The only bad thing was He is famous and his name was Harry Styles! Does she end up falling in love and will the hate bring her to do something more then cut?

**read on and find out**


2. The Get Away!

*On the phone to Stella (Best Friend)*

"Hey Stella!" Bella says excited. "Hey, you sound excited Bells" Stella replies. "Well I got something amazing to tell you" bella says. "Well don't hold back spit it out bitch!" Stella replies excitement. "Okay well... I saw this competition on twitter about winning One Direction tickets. So I entered" Bella explains. "And?" Stella says impatiently. "I WON! So do you wanna come with me to their concert next week?" She asks. "OMG YES! OF COURSE I DO WHO DO YOU THINK I AM!" Stella literally screams it at her.

Well... They both hang up excited as hell and start to pack because the concert was in literally 3 days. She didn't tell her parents at this point because she wasn't going to tell them at all. The next two days passed really slowly. He parents beat her and she cut.

The night before the concert they had it all planned out. How she would sneak out and where they would go! Bella was just about to jump out of her window when she hears foot steps. Lucky for her they walked past her bedroom and she slowly slides out the window. Stella was down the street waiting for her and they both got into a taxi.

Stella had been waiting down the street for her! They headed off to a hotel near the arena where the concert was going to be held!

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