No One Knows!

Her name was Bella! She was beautiful with dirty blonde hair flowing down her back and bright blue eyes skinny and very talented with her voice! Her parents beat her daily! She always took the razor to her writs, stomach and legs... Could things get worse? Well she meets an amazing guy. The only bad thing was He is famous and his name was Harry Styles! Does she end up falling in love and will the hate bring her to do something more then cut?

**read on and find out**


1. Introduction ❤️

~Bella's P.O.V~

Hey, I'm Bella! I'm 18 and have dirty blonde hair... I'm very talented at singing and my dancing also isn't to bad. If there was one thing I loved more then anything in the world it was singing. I felt it brought out something in me no one else could bring out.

I had the worst life... My parents beat me daily and controlled my life! I didn't wanna live with them but I had no where else to go! I wasn't rich or had a good paying job.

They beat me and it brought pain to me! It wasn't like I deserved it or anything and with all that on my plate I got bullied and hated on. I did cut my wrists, legs and stomach a lot... I was single which made it worse an I had no friends except one my beautiful bestie Stella.

Stella has longs straight brown hair down to her bottom. She had pure green eyes and such an amazing smile, It could light up anyone's world. She was also skinny like me and into dancing. Which explains her body shape :) She had always been there for me and I loved her for it. She was the only person I had right?

I was obsessed with the British/Irish boy band called 'One Direction'. They were amazing! I really wanted to go to their concert but couldn't save enough and the concert was next week!

One day I was scrolling through my news feed on twitter and spotted a cool competition to win tickets for a One Direction concert. I entered, but knowing me I won't win. Until I got a text saying I had one two tickets to go see them! I was so excited I ran up and down the hall way!

I texted my best friend and told her we were going! She agreed immediately... We were both so excited :) my parents wouldn't let me go so it looked like I was gonna have to sneak out... Well let's see how this goes?

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