Is it Love?

“I love you not only
for what you are,
but for what I am
when I am with you.
I love you not only
for what you have made of yourself,
but for what you are making of me.
I love you for the part of me
that you bring out.”


3. Chapter 2.

*Emma's POV*


Oh my God..Harry Styles of One direction, the biggest boy band in the world is standing in front of me. Oh. MY. GOD. i am not an obsessed fan of them but i like their music a lot. 

 "What's your name, Love?"  His deep husky voice asked.

  "E-Emma. Emma Waters" He smiled.

"Your name is as beautiful as you, Miss Waters."

wow he just called me beautiful. wait what? is he flirting? why would a world famous hot celebrity flirt with someone like me? but he just said i am beautiful. Wait. Does he think i am that type of girl? like you know?

"uh, i am not type of girl. i am a simple girl who loves to sing so i just sing here in this bar because it is the only source of income for me and i am a very.."

"Shh..You took it wrong, love. I am here talking to you just because your voice is too sweet and does not belong here. Your voice can make you a superstar over a night and i want to help you." 

My mouth formed an complete O shape. This is what i have always dreamt of, Being a super star, Singing in front of real audiences, Is it a dream? but how can it feel so damn real? "Pinch me." 

" What?"  he laughed.

" I know i am dreaming, Just pinch me so i can be sure."

i said, still confused.

He took my hand in his hands and raised them to his lips, his touch sent a shiver down my body. i felt my cheeks burning.

"Well, i didn't know girls still blush in 21st century."  His comment made my blush even more and i smiled. He took out his Iphone and handed to me.

"Here, type in your number."

"um..okay." i took his iphone and typed my number on the screen.

"Do wait for my call, Ms, Waters. I promise your life is going to change completely" he said smiling and turning around.

i smiled. " I will." 

He turned back and said " Oh and in case you don't know, my name is Sam." i furrowed my brows in confusion.

He laughed. " Joking, I am Harry. Harry Styles." he said and finally left the place, i laughed in confusion.




"THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE. OH MY GOD WOW I AM PROUD OF YA" Ariana exclaimed. i left the bar an hour ago and after 10 minutes of when Harry left. I called Ariana and told her to come over because i had a big news. i told her an hour ago and she was still fangirling over Harry Styles. To be honest even i can't believe it and i was thinking about when will he call me. What if he forgets me? and doesn't call me?

"Em? are you even listening?" Ari rolled her eyes.

"Um yeah what were you saying?" "Huh,Never mind."

She sighed. "I am hungry, Let's order something?" she asked. "Yeah, let's order Chinese?" I asked taking my phone in my hands. "Cool." she replied,

i nodded and unlocked my phone.

i had a text message from an unknown number.

*knock knock, Is Miss Waters there?*


A/N: Hi everyone! I am really sorry to those who had to wait for this. but finally i updated. yayy and sorry i know it's kinda boring :/ i promise i'll upload the next chappie sooner. and if any of ya guys have any ideas for future chapters so pls feel free to comment.<3

Love you all. x -Rz.





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